Saturday, September 29, 2018

URGENT: Kavanaugh was just confirmed by Committee

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. We must act now before the full Senate votes on him early next week. Call 615-823-8795 to tell your senators to reject Kavanaugh!
Identify the victim... Our democracy 
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to advance the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, following calls from a bipartisan group of senators, the confirmation vote has been delayed a week to allow for a full FBI investigation into Kavanaugh -- but the clock is ticking. Now, the full Senate has the chance to decide Brett Kavanaugh's future and a vote could happen as early as next week. There's still time to send a message and demand he be rejected.

This is our last chance to stop Kavanaugh and save the integrity of the Supreme Court. Call 615-823-8795 NOW, or text SCOTUS to 69866 and tell your senators to reject Kavanaugh!

We are opposed to Kavanaugh's confirmation for a long list of reasons:
  • He has shown over and over again that he sides with corporate polluters over people and agencies trying to protect the environment.
  • He has not supported a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.
  • He has lied under oath.
  • He has been accused of sexual assault by three women.
  • He believes the President is above the law -- convenient for Donald Trump, who is currently under federal investigation.
  • His belligerent behavior during the hearing proves he does not have the temperament to be a Supreme Court Justice.
And that's just what we know so far. The entire confirmation process has been a sham, with the GOP refusing to release millions of documents that could tell the American people what kind of Justice Kavanaugh would be.

Time is running out to stop Kavanaugh. Call 615-823-8795 to tell your senators to reject Kavanaugh!

- Courtney Hight, Director Democracy Program, Sierra Club

P.S. After you call, share this alert on social media and make sure your friends and family have a chance to make their voices heard as well.

Tell Congress: Pass the Climate Risk Disclosure Act

The petition to Congress reads:
"Pass the Climate Risk Disclosure Act."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Tell Congress: Pass the Climate Risk Disclosure Act
Climate change is one of the biggest economic threats the world will ever face. Yet under our financial system, companies are incentivized to ignore it completely.
The longer they wait to face reality, the greater the chances that all of us will face what Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called “a global catastrophe that will put the 2008 crisis to shame.”1
That's why Sen. Warren recently introduced the Climate Risk Disclosure Act. The bill would require companies to evaluate and report their climate risks, which would inform responsible investors and deter them from putting money into companies that don't manage them responsibly.
Our financial system incentivizes behavior that will lead to catastrophic climate change. Not only does the United States subsidize fossil fuel production, but it allows companies to ignore the harm they are causing to the climate and hide the ways that climate change could disrupt their business from investors.
The Climate Risk Disclosure Act would help change that. The bill would require every public company to disclose greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel assets, plans for managing climate risks and an analysis of how the company's value would be affected by climate change and climate policies.2 It would force companies to be transparent about their environmental impact and give investors the information they need to make responsible decisions about whether they want to invest in companies that are fueling climate change.
Under the bill, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) would set requirements for each business sector and enforce penalties on companies that don't comply. Although the SEC already passed a rule in 2010 that requires companies to include climate risks in their annual filings, the agency has not enforced it and companies have largely ignored the rule.3 We need Congress to take action.
Passing progressive environmental legislation like this today will be tough, but we don't have much time to lose. if we start building support for the Climate Risk Disclosure Act in Congress now, we can help make it a reality once progressives are in power.
To do that, we need to let our representatives know that we demand that companies be held accountable for the climate risks they are imposing on us all. Along with Sen. Warren, the bill is already co-sponsored by Sens. Brian Schatz, Ed Markey, Sheldon Whitehouse, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Jeff Merkley.4
Tell Congress: Pass the Climate Risk Disclosure Act. Click the link below to sign the petition:
- Brandy Doyle, CREDO Action
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  1. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, "Warren, Colleagues Unveil Bill to Require Every Public Company to Disclose Climate-Related Risks," Sept. 17, 2018.
  2. Ibid.
  3. Karen Savage, "New Bill Would Require the SEC to Police Companies’ Climate Risks," Climate Liability News, Sept. 20, 2018.
  4. Timothy Cama, "Warren wants companies to disclose more about climate change impacts," The Hill, Sept. 14, 2018.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Contact your Representative and tell them to vote no on making the TrumpTax giveaways to the rich permanent

House Republicans are attempting to give even MORE tax cuts to the rich. The TrumpTax is already a massive giveaway to the richest people and wealthiest corporations, while undermining critical middle-class protections and services. 

House Republicans are still planning to vote on THREE Tax Scam 2.0 bills this week. These bills would make tax cuts for the rich permanent, add $627 billion to the deficit, and help the GOP justify cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Tell your members of Congress that you won't stand for EVEN MORE tax giveaways to the rich.

Tucson Office phone: (520) 881-3588

Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling deadly paint strippers immediately

The petition to Ace Hardware reads:
"Stop selling paint strippers that contain the toxic chemicals methylene chloride and N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP)."
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Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling deadly paint strippers immediately
Deadly household paint products remains on Ace Hardware's shelves even though four people have died after being exposed to the toxic chemicals they contain since the EPA proposed a ban last year.
Despite repeated calls to stop selling these products, Ace Hardware, one of the nation's largest home improvement chains, continues to sell popular paint strippers containing methylene chloride and N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP), which are highly toxic chemicals linked to lung and liver cancer, fetal development issues, miscarriage, stillbirth and neurotoxicity.1
Thanks in part to more than 50,000 CREDO members and continued activism by our allies like Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, major retailers like Lowe's, The Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams and Walmart have already caved to massive public pressure and announced plans to discontinue selling these toxic products.2,3 We must speak out now to demand Ace follows suit and stops selling these deadly paint strippers now.
Every year, 60,000 workers and more than two million consumers are exposed to these toxic chemicals, and since 1980, at least 64 people have died from exposure to methylene chloride.4,5
In early 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed banning methylene chloride and NMP from paint products, but after taking heat from the chemical industry, the agency announced plans to "indefinitely postpone" bans on these dangerous chemicals in consumer products.6 As consumers, we have the power to demand that Ace takes a stand, even if Trump's EPA refuses to act.
As a mother of one of the victims put it, "My son shouldn’t have died this way and no one else should lose a loved one to these deadly products."7 We've won this fight before with other retailers, and we must do it again now to prevent any more senseless tragedies.
Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling deadly paint strippers immediately. Click the link below to sign the petition:
- Josh Nelson,CREDO Action
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
  1. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, "Health Advocates Kick Off Week of Action Urging Lowe’s and EPA to Ban Toxic Paint Strippers," May 7, 2018.
  2. CBS News, "Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams and Lowe's phasing out paint strippers with toxic chemical," June 21, 2018.
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  6. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, "Health Advocates Kick Off Week of Action Urging Lowe’s and EPA to Ban Toxic Paint Strippers," May 7, 2018.

Sign Now: Demand Journalists Be Given Immediate Access to Detention Centers

Journalist Emilio Gutierrez-Soto, right, and his son Oscar during an interview with CBC's Adrienne Arsenault at the El Paso Processing Centre, a U.S. immigration detention facility
Over the past year, immigrant and civil rights groups have witnessed a dramatic increase of immigration enforcement and detention due to the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy along the border. This includes the practice of family separation, a policy that has left hundreds of children in child detention centers across the country.

Shelters that were at 30 percent capacity one year ago are now at 90 percent.[1]

According to a Health and Human Services official from the Obama administration:

“The closer they get to 100 percent, the less ability they will have to address anything unforeseen. Even if there’s not a sudden influx, they will be running out of capacity soon unless something changes.”

Thanks to dogged reporting by journalists along our southern border, we learned earlier this year about children and families being separated at the border. But that reporting was mainly from outside the detention centers, because the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement routinely denies or limits journalists access to child detention centers, arguing that they need to protect the privacy of children. But professional journalists are capable of reporting on children responsibly, and the government could easily negotiate with them on ways to do so.

Demand that journalists have access to detention centers so that the American people and the world can see the permanent harm the Trump administration’s policies are having on children and families in the name of our government.

Sign the petition today!

These shelters are not the solution but in order to hold the government accountable we need to have access to them.

Click here to send the following message.  (Add a personal comment for more impact. )


Office of Refugee Resettlement

Our Message to Office of Refugee Resettlement:

Since May of 2017, the number of migrant children in custody has jumped from 2,400 to 12,800 as of September. The administration’s recent investment in “tent cities,” which provide harsh living conditions for children, is horrifying and unacceptable. The Office of Refugee Resettlement routinely denies or limits journalists access to child detention centers, arguing the need to protect the privacy of children. But professional journalists are capable of reporting on children responsibly. We demand that journalists be given immediate increased access to detention centers―to honor our constitutional right of freedom of the press and to ensure government transparency and accountability. Only through our free press will we begin to understand and be able to address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.

My letter regarding Christine Blasey Ford's male interrogators on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Christine Blasey Ford will likely face intense questioning from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the truthfulness of her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, who she says attempted to rape her during a party in the 1980s. Her turn on Capitol Hill could decide Kavanaugh’s suddenly uncertain fate, as well as the Supreme Court’s direction for a generation.1

Christine Ford will face questions from 11 Republican MEN on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I just sent the following message to Sen. Senator Jeff Flake:

Dear Senator Flake,

It is bad enough that there are only Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee - especially since the issue of women's reproductive rights is at stake. Those men will never understand the prospect of risking their lives to have a baby or a back alley abortion. They will never face the threat of losing their livelihood because they become pregnant. If they did, they would not vote to allow insurance companies to stop paying for the pill or support bills that allow companies to fire pregnant women - like several congressmen have.

Senator Flake, it is entirely inappropriate that Christine Blasey Ford face intense questioning from eleven men on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the truthfulness of her accusations that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her. Men cannot begin to understand the sexual trauma Ford claims to have suffered at Kavanaugh’s hands, or how that trauma has affected her throughout her adult years. Senator Hatch has already dismissed Ford as potentially “mixed up” in the charges she’s made.

(Personal story here.)

Please, listen to the genuine concerns of your female constituents who have suffered from similar trauma and treat Christine Blasey Ford with sensitivity and respect.

Leave your own comment for Senator Jeff Flake at:

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Force Wells Fargo and other #BackersOfHate to stop funding immigrant detention

 "Established 1852. Re-established 2018?"1
Petition to Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock:
"Stop profiting off of immigrant detention and the separation of families. Immediately divest from private-prison companies and cease offering lending facilities to companies like GEO Group and CoreCivic."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Force Wells Fargo and other #BackersOfHate to stop funding immigrant detention
Wells Fargo is so desperate to reform its scandal-plagued image that it recently resorted to an ad campaign with the tagline: "Established 1852. Re-established 2018."1
Wells Fargo executives probably don't want people to hear that the "re-established" company is currently getting rich off of Trump's heartless policy of separating families and detaining immigrants in private prisons.2
Wall Street banks like JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock and Wells Fargo are heavily invested in awful, private-prison companies and make loans that keep them in business.3 That's why we're teaming up with our friends at Presente and Moms Rising to demand that #BackersOfHate divest and stop funding Trump's racist policies. This Wednesday, I am delivering petition signatures directly to Wells Fargo headquarters in San Francisco to make clear that profiting from the pain of immigrant communities is morally wrong and bad for business. 
Who wins by putting more and more immigrants in jail? Big banks, that's who. Private prison companies, like CoreCivic and GEO Group, are lucrative businesses don't just enrich investors, they lobby for more punitive policies towards immigrants and citizens alike. Sixty percent of Trump's incarcerated immigrants are held in private prisons built by companies like CoreCivic and GEO Group.4
Trump's policies could grow the multi-billion dollar private-prison industry by more than 580 percent in just one year. No wonder JPMorgan Chase alone has increased its private-prison holdings by a shocking 9,600 percent since Trump took office. Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock all hold stock in companies like CoreCivic and GEO Group – and these companies' stock prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks.5
The big banks also keep GEO Group and CoreCivic in business with lucrative loans. Those two companies are set up as real estate investment trusts, which allows them to dodge some taxes but prevents them from holding a lot of cash. That means they can't pay bills without frequent loans – loans that make a lot of money for the banks. In 2017, GEO Group and CoreCivic paid their lenders $217 million.6 All Wells Fargo and others would have to do is stop making these loans, and CoreCivic and GEO Group could no longer afford to keep people in cages.
Force Wells Fargo and other #BackersOfHate to stop funding immigrant detention. Click below to sign the petition:
Corporate #BackersOfHate, especially Wells Fargo which is trying to polish its corporate image, need to hear that Americans won't tolerate them overlooking basic morals in the desperate pursuit of profit. They must immediately drop their stock in private prisons and cease offering lending facilities to the companies responsible for carrying out Trump's cruel immigration policies.
-Nicole Regalado, CREDO Action
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
  1. James Peltz, "Wells Fargo launches ad campaign to leave accounts scandal behind. Not everyone is buying it," The Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2018.
  2. Make the Road New York and Center for Popular Democracy, "Private Detention Industry Expected to Swell from 'Zero Tolerance; at the Border," June 26, 2018.
  3. Ibid.
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Resistance needed: Trump and Republicans are trying to build more family prisons

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The petition to Congress reads:
"Immigrant families belong together and free. Block any bill that gives Trump the power to imprison immigrant families indefinitely and build more family prisons, including the FAMILIES Act (S. 3478)."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Resistance needed: Trump and Republicans are trying to build more family prisons
Reports of stomach-churning child abuse in detention centers should compel any lawmaker with a conscience to stop Donald Trump's xenophobic attacks, but Republican extremist Sen. Ron Johnson just introduced legislation that would push the United States over the cliff of cruelty.1
The FAMILIES Act would add more family prisons to Trump's deportation and mass incarceration machine and worsen the crisis of corruption and abuse at the border. Democrats and Republicans of good conscience need to do everything they can to block this bill.

Sen. Johnson introduced this cruel bill just as news broke that the Trump administration lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children it placed in detention facilities and foster care this year.2 This latest horrifying development is yet another example of how Trump's extreme anti-immigrant policies are made worse by his administration's incompetence.
The ineptitude of Trump's ICE, CBP and DOJ was on full display this week. At a Senate hearing on Trump's latest proposal to nullify the Flores decree, a settlement that puts time limits on imprisoning children, Trump officials dodged fundamental questions and failed to defend the administration's push to expand family and child detention. ICE officials said that they didn't even bother to read warnings from agency doctors about the trauma detention inflicts on children.3 ICE's chief of arrests and deportations compared family prisons to "summer camps," again.4 Jeff Sessions' acting deputy assistant attorney general refused to comment on whether child abuse at detention centers would count as federal crime.5
These officials are either willfully ignorant Trump loyalists or completely incompetent. Either way, Congress should be putting checks on ICE and CBP, not empowering them to do more harm.
Sen. Johnson's bill would allow Trump and Republicans to build more family prisons, make family detention mandatory and waive the polygraph requirement for many border patrol applicants, opening the door for more corruption and abuse. We must join together now to keep the pressure on Congress and demand that it reject any bill that would give Trump the power to imprison more immigrant families indefinitely. Will you add your name now?
Tell Congress: No more Trump internment camps. Block legislation that would expand family prisons. Click the link below to sign the petition.
- Nicole Regalado, CREDO Action
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
  1. Sen. Ron Johnson, "S.3478," introduced Sept. 18, 2018.
  2. Ron Nixon, "U.S. Loses Track of Another 1,500 Migrant Children, Investigators Find," The New York Times, Sept. 18, 2018.
  3. Amanda Michelle Gomez, "Trump officials claim they are unaware of health risks associated with child detention," ThinkProgress, Sept. 18, 2018.
  4. Tal Kopan, "ICE official stands by comparing detention centers to 'summer camp,' won't say if he'd send his kids to one," CNN, Sept. 18, 2018.
  5. Ibid.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Sign this petition: Demand Congress hold Secretary Ryan Zinke accountable for working to destroy our public lands and waters

Make me an offer...
Every day Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is in office, he works to destroy our public lands and waters at the expense of our communities.  He proposed gutting Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. He wants to massively ramp up oil and gas drilling off our coasts. And he’s trying to slash protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

All this begs the question: What is Ryan Zinke getting out of destroying our last remaining wild places and the people who depend on them?

There are 14 federal investigations into Zinke’s decision-making, misuse of funds, and potential corruption. We can’t continue to allow him to destroy our wild places and communities for the benefit of his friends – from private developers to the fossil fuel industry. This makes Zinke just as corrupt as former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. We need Congress to kick him out of office before he can do any more harm!

Click here to sign the petition asking Congress to fire Zinke.

Daily Kos

Participating partners:

198 Methods
Beyond Extreme Energy
Campaign for America's Future
Climate Hawks Vote
Daily Kos
Food & Water Action
Fossil Free California
Franciscan Action Network
Friends of the Earth
People Demanding Action
People for the American Way
Power Shift Network
Progress America
Progressive Democrats of America

Click here to sign the following petition to Congress.

(It is always best to add a personal comment if you can.)

Our Message to Congress:

We, the undersigned, call on you as elected members of Congress to do everything in your power to hold Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke accountable for his potential ethics violations, including calling for him to be fired.

Zinke has an extensive track record of acting to gut protections for our public lands and waters. He proposed gutting Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments so the fossil fuel industry could drill and mine there – with devastating impacts on local communities. He released a plan to massively ramp up oil and gas drilling off our coasts. And he wants to slash protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This could lead to Big Oil wiping out the porcupine caribou herd, which Alaska’s Gwich’in community has relied on for millennia.

Additionally, Zinke is trying to disregard the input of communities impacted by fossil fuel development. For example, his department is limiting tribal involvement in decisions about Bears Ears -- despite the fact that mining there would have catastrophic impacts on their lands.

Meanwhile, a foundation established by Zinke and chaired by his wife engaged in a real estate deal with the chairman of dirty energy giant Halliburton – which is already benefitting from Zinke’s attacks on our public lands and waters. Zinke has been wasting taxpayer money on chartered flights and helicopter trips. And 14 federal investigations have already been initiated to look into his actions.

We call on you to stop Zinke from using his position as Secretary of the Interior to destroy our public lands and waters and harm the communities who depend on them while his friends in the oil industry benefit. Please publicly call for Zinke’s removal immediately.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the attack on endangered wildlife

The grizzly bear, the gray whale, and the bald eagle all faced extinction until the Endangered Species Act saved them. Now that same law is facing its own extinction, thanks to the Trump administration.

Speak up now to stop the Trump administration’s rollback of the Endangered Species Act.

Putting the interests of extractive industries over imperiled wildlife, Trump-appointed Interior Secretary Zinke has proposed a disastrous set of regulatory changes—best characterized as an “Extinction Plan”—that would severely undermine the Act and make it easier for destructive corporations such as oil and gas and mining companies to push through their projects.

For nearly 45 years the Endangered Species Act has been a vital last line of defense for plants and animals on the verge of extinction. And just as our planet is experiencing what scientists call a sixth mass extinction period, the Trump-Zinke Extinction Plan would take us in exactly the wrong direction.

For the sake of our planet and all the generations still to come, we must stop the Trump-Zinke Extinction Plan in its tracks. Take action today to protect the Endangered Species Act and the animals and plants under its care.

Take action now and stop the attack on endangered wildlife.

- Earth Justice

Thursday, September 20, 2018

CELEBRATE National Public Lands Day - STAND UP to Zinke

This Saturday, September 22, is National Public Lands Day, a time to celebrate the bond between people and green space in their communities.

In its 25-year history, National Public Lands Day has become the nation’s largest single-day volunteer effort. Tens of thousands of Americans will spend this Saturday enjoying public lands and renewing their commitment to restore our open spaces.

Our public lands are among America’s monumental treasures. Their presence is a constant reminder of our responsibility to preserve and protect this American birthright for future generations.

But this national heritage is under attack. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is ignoring the American public and using his office to blatantly benefit corporate special interests, at the expense of public lands. Millions of acres of public lands are at risk.

In honor of National Public Lands Day, sign this petition and tell Secretary Zinke to keep corporate hands off public lands >>

Protect our Public Lands Add your Name

This Saturday, go outside. Enjoy our public lands. Celebrate them and the benefits they bring with your friends and family. Give back by volunteering at a public lands project near you. 

But whatever you do, remember at no time in recent history have our public lands been as threatened as they are now under Secretary Zinke.

So as you enjoy the beauty of our public lands this weekend, please take time to add your name to our petition. Demand Secretary Zinke and the Interior Department stop their attacks on our natural birthright >>

- Western Values Project

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Exploitation is NOT sustainable! Tell the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil to drop Indofood’s certification!

On a Tuesday morning, a worker at Indofood — Indonesia’s largest food company and business partner to PepsiCo — was called into his manager’s office without warning. Why? Because his manager wanted to pressure and intimidate him into signing a false statement claiming that Indofood had not threatened its workers.
Workers who come forward to report violations of their rights should be protected, not intimidated. 
The move came after the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) — the global certification body for “sustainable” palm oil — sent a team to investigate confidential reports from workers of labor abuse and union busting and to follow up on labor complaints submitted by RAN and our partners, OPPUK and ILRF, based on Rain Action Network's own investigations.
This wasn’t the first time Indofood workers have been interrogated about what they reported to the RSPO — or discouraged from joining a union — and it won’t be the last. With women working without pay or healthcare, and children sometimes working on Indofood’s palm oil plantations, the last thing Indofood wants is people organizing to stand for their basic rights.
Workers deserve protections, not intimidation.
Over the last two years, RAN and our partners have published two investigative reports that have documented intimidation and union busting by Indofood. This latest case proves that Indofood hasn’t changed its practice of exploiting workers. And if its palm oil is still being certified as “sustainable” by the RSPO despite this clear violation, what incentive does Indofood have to change?
- Fitri Arianti, Indonesia Coordinator of Rainforest Action Network

World-class fossils about to be lost! Tell the Dept. of Interior to defend the scientific resources at Grand Staircase-Escalante

Save Grand Staircase-Escalante
Speak up for science in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
"Loss of significant specimens could occur”—that’s what the Department of the Interior says about its preferred plans for managing Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, home to some of the most significant fossil resources on earth. In short, the Trump administration knows it’s destroying the things that make this monument worth saving in the first place.
There are estimated to be more than 3,000 "scientifically important" fossil sites in the full Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. When Trump illegally cut it in half last year, he left out more than 400 of them, including many potential dinosaur finds. The new plans from Interior expose many of the remaining fossil beds to damage and looting. The plans also invite drilling and mining in virtually all of the land Trump un-protected.

- The Wilderness Society

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sen. Flake still hasn't decided how to vote on Kavanaugh? Calls needed.

If we have any shot of blocking Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, it goes right through Arizona.

Yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford went public with her story of being physically and sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh while they were in high school.1

The reasons to oppose Kavanaugh are clear and more appalling every day, but Sen. Jeff Flake is still on the fence.

We need all hands on deck to make sure that Sen. Flake hears from as many constituents as possible demanding that he stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

Contact Senator Flake:

Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-4521
Tucson Office: 520-575-8633

Contact Senator Jon Kyl:

Tucson Office: 520-670-6334
D.C. Office: 202-224-2235:

Sample script:

Hi, my name is _____ and I live in Tucson. I’m calling Sen. Flake to ask that he vote no on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation and prevent another accused sexual predator from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Even before the recent allegations, Kavanaugh had proven himself too extreme for Arizona. He threatens women's health, civil rights, workers and the environment and perjured himself during his hearings.

Kavanaugh is deeply unpopular in Arizona and as a constituent I am asking Sen. Flake to publicly commit to oppose him.

Thank you.

It is clear that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee knew about, and prepared for the fallout from, Blasey Ford's allegations. But instead of acting on such obviously disqualifying information, they rushed through Kavanaugh's nomination and buried key documents that could shed further light on his character.

We already have an accused sexual predator in the White House. We don't need another one on the Supreme Court. Nor should the Senate hand over the Court to a criminal co-conspirator who may have helped a foreign government steal the 2016 election and whose dangerous agenda includes ripping children from their families, taking away women's rights, banning Muslims from the country, undermining LGBTQ equality and destroying the planet.

Despite the allegations against Kavanaugh, the White House has indicated it is "full steam ahead" on his nomination.2 This refusal to slow things down in the face of Blasey Ford's courage proves yet again that the Republican Party is willing to ignore, demonize and undermine women in service of partisan gain. Those of us who believe Blasey Ford must have her back now in any way we can, including by putting massive pressure on our senators to block Kavanaugh's nomination. Can you make a call to Sen. Flake today? Click the link below for a sample script and the number to call:

- Heidi Hess, CREDO Action
Click below for a sample script and the number to call:
Take action now ►
  1. Emma Brown, "California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault," The Washington Post, Sept. 16, 2018.
  2. Asawin Suebsaeng, Gideon Resnick, and Sam Stein, "Trump Believes There Is a ‘Conspiracy’ to Torpedo the Kavanaugh Nomination," The Daily Beast, Sept. 16, 2018.

Call DA Michael Jackson now: Tell him to protect victims of abuse - not jail them

Though the majority of women in prison are there for nonviolent crimes such as drug offenses, analyses of state and federal women’s prison populations estimates that as many as 4,500 women may be doing time for killing abusive male partners. The murder of an abusive partner is often a woman’s first offense, and for women who have prior offenses, they tend to be nonviolent. Convicted Survivors: The Imprisonment of Battered Women Who Kill By Elizabeth Dermody Leonard
Jacqueline Dixon’s nightmare is far from over. Since July, Jacqueline Dixon has been charged with murder-domestic violence for shooting and killing her abusive ex-husband in self-defense after he attempted to attack her in the driveway of her home. Despite clear evidence, a court granted order of protection, and knowledge of the history of violence, the Selma Police Department still arrested her and Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson pursued charges against Jacqueline.

The case is still in the hands of DA Michael Jackson. He has full discretion to completely drop the charges. Jacqueline is now out of jail on bond. But he is refusing to drop the charges. Soon a grand jury will hear her case. Now that a “Stand Your Ground” defense will be used in the case by her legal team, it is now time for DA Jackson to consider Jacqueline’s full experience, show real leadership, and drop the charges. Over 34,000 people have already signed the petition to call on DA Michael Jackson to drop the charges against Jacqueline. Now the next step is to flood his office with phone calls. He needs to hear loud and clear that Jacqueline deserves justice, not prison.

Call 1-844-214-7947 now to demand District Attorney Michael Jackson drop the charges against Jacqueline Dixon.

In a “Stand Your Ground State,” District Attorney Michael Jackson’s position as an elected prosecutor is a crucial one. In June 2004, he became the first Black person elected to office in Dallas County, Alabama and at the time the first elected Black prosecutor in the entire state of Alabama.1 In 2013, he even became the first Black elected official to be named “District Attorney of the Year” in Alabama.2 Survivors of domestic violence constantly live in fear and are forced to use dangerous ways to protect themselves and their families. Punishing a survivor of abuse should never be the solution. If DA Michael Jackson truly cares about serving justice and representing the people, he should see and honor the full humanity of Jacqueline Dixon.

Phone calls are an important tool to make your voice heard directly with the target. It is easy and quick. Just follow along below. Call 1-844-214-7947 now.

When they answer you can read from the script below, or use your own words. Be polite and calm. While we might be angry, we need to send a consistent message that can't be twisted to discredit us. We'll connect you.

Here's what to say when they answer:

Hi, I'm [state your name].

I 'm calling to ask DA Michael Jackson to drop the charges against Jacqueline Dixon. Too many survivors of domestic violence, especially Black women, are punished and criminalized for protecting and defending themselves.

Jacqueline Dixon deserves protection and safety. 
 Please, drop the charges against Jacqueline Dixon now.
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"Michael Jackson named first African-American "District Attorney of the Year" in AL." WSFA 12. 27 June 2013.
"Michael Jackson named first African-American "District Attorney of the Year" in AL." WSFA 12. 27 June 2013.
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Friday, September 14, 2018

Tell School Boards: Stop poisoning our kids! No more Roundup on school grounds

Children play where Roundup is sprayed. 

In the U.S., more than 26 million pounds of Roundup are sprayed every year on school grounds, public playgrounds, and gardens. Recent testing reveals that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is present in a multitude of common conventionally grown foods, including those served in school cafeterias.Glyphosate has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and it has no place in our schools.2
As the organization representing the top decision-makers in U.S. school districts, the National School Boards Association has a responsibility to millions of parents and school children to protect children from harm. Keep toxic pesticides out of our schools. 
On August 10, a jury awarded $289.2 million to Dewayne "Lee" Johnson, a former school groundskeeper whose job required him to spray Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller on school properties. Mr. Johnson is terminally ill with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer linked to the use of Monsanto's Roundup and other glyphosate-based weedkillers.3

On August 15, California's Supreme Court rejected Monsanto's challenge to the state's decision to list glyphosate as a potential carcinogen under the California's Proposition 65, a law requiring the state to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects.4

Tucson landscaper follows city's example
Tell the National School Boards Association to keep Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller away from schools.

In light of the latest evidence that Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, the National School Board Association must do these two things:
  • Issue a formal policy statement advising all school districts to end the use of Roundup and all toxic agrochemicals on school grounds.
  • Issue a formal policy statement advising all school districts to revamp their school lunch programs by transitioning to certified organic foods, in order to avoid serving foods contaminated with glyphosate and other pesticides.
Toxic poisons have no place in U.S. schools, either on playgrounds or in cafeteria food. Please act immediately to rid schools of Roundup and other toxic chemicals. Tell the National School Boards Association: Monsanto's Roundup and other toxic agro-chemicals must be banned on school grounds, and school lunch programs should stop serving foods contaminated with glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.
–Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association
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One more action: 
Also, consider forwarding the links above to the Mayor and City Council. Urge them to tell the landscape adviser committee and City Maintenance to stop spraying Roundup all over Tucson. 
Read: City Council, Stop allowing City Maintenance to poison Tucson

Information on how to contact Tucson Mayor and City Council in upper right hand column.