Saturday, March 17, 2018

Request to Speak time!

At the Arizona State Senate Chamber
Wanna speak out about a bill being proposed at the Arizona State Legislature? One way is to show up at the State Capital in Phoenix and use the kiosk located in the House of Representatives or Senate lobby to sign in to Request to Speak.  But there's a much easier way to have your voice heard.  And you won't even have to conquer your fear of public speaking. On the Arizona Legislative website, you can use the Request to Speak system and register your position on bills being heard in committee. 

Once you've signed up for Request to Speak, you can submit your position (For, Neutral or Against)  on the Request to Speak system anytime that a bill is on the agenda to be heard in committee - anytime before the scheduled hearing. Your position will become a part of the public record.

I will be posting Request to Speak actions on Desktop Activist Tucson. Sign up for Request to Speak now so you will be ready to participate when the time comes. Together we just may be able to sway our legislators' votes on bills that are important to us. 

Ready to Request to Speak? 

If you're signed up for Request to Speak sign in here:

Simple directions for navigating Request to Speak:

You will be connected to the Request to Speak page.

On the menu in the left column, click on New Request.

At the Request to Speak Topic Search, type the bill number (example HB2003) into the Search Phrase box and click the search button. (Don't leave a space between HB and 2003 or it won't work.)

In the Search Results is a list of all the committees the bill is being heard in. 

(You can also scroll down and choose a committee. A list of bills being heard in that committee will appear. You can copy the bill number from there. Notice when the bill will be heard.)  

In the Request to Speak column on the right-hand side, click ADD REQUEST.

Register your position on the bill by clicking on: For, Neutral or Against.

Click "no" on: Do you wish to speak (unless you are at the capitol and want to speak in person.)

You can leave a short comment if you wish.

Then click on Submit.

You can then go back and do it again in the next committee that is hearing the bill or go on to the next bill on your list.


If you haven't yet, please, sign up for Request to Speak. You will be prepared for our next Request to Speak action. Here is another organization who will go sign you up.

To request a Request to Speak account:

It's actually pretty easy to use Request to Speak once you've done it - much easier than it is to explain. Next time it should be a snap! Or a few clicks anyways! :)

More information on Request to Speak

Video on how to use the Request to Speak system.


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