Friday, March 23, 2018

Speak up for the Water Protectors standing up to the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline RIGHT NOW

There is a historic stand against the fossil fuel industry taking shape right now in Canada. Thousands of people have risen up against the massive Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline in British Columbia – but they need our help.

Over 10,000 people marched on the streets in Vancouver this month, and (so far) over 100 people have been arrested for direct action. This pipeline is not only a danger to our climate but it runs roughshod over the rights of Indigenous communities.

For the fifth time in 5 days, land and water protectors head out to take bold action against Kinder Morgan pipeline, including two federal Members of Parliament, a former federal Liberal candidate, and an actor. See today's actions.

Wanna help?

Here’s the plan: we will send thousands of messages directly to your closest Canadian embassy telling them that the Kinder Morgan pipeline would destroy our climate, violate Indigenous rights and harm Canada's reputation on the global stage. We know that embassies pass on information directly to national governments, so we can be sure that our messages will filter back to the Canadian government in Ottawa.

The Canadian tar sands are one of the largest and dirtiest pools of carbon on the planet. New pipelines like Kinder Morgan would allow for massive expansion of tar sands -- and bring us dangerously close to blowing past the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. We know we must transition rapidly away from fossil fuels and toward a just transition to 100% renewable energy.

It's time for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to choose people and the planet over Big Oil profits and stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Send a message to the Canadian Embassy now.

It’s clear Trudeau’s government is getting nervous. Everyday, as more Indigenous leaders, youth, grandparents, doctors, teachers, and community members are arrested, Trudeau’s global reputation as a climate leader and champion for Indigenous rights cracks a little more. Let’s hammer this home and tell Trudeau that the world is watching.

When politicians like Justin Trudeau fail to make the right decision, it’s on people like us to lead the way instead. This pipeline won't just affect Canada, it's a battle to stop millions more tons of CO2 being pumped into our atmosphere. So let’s stand in solidarity and add our powerful collective voice to the fight.

- Atiya, and the 350 Canada team


To learn more about the resistance to Kinder Morgan and how to support, visit for photos, videos, blogs and more.

Send a message to your local Canadian embassy now.

Call the Canadian Embassy United States:

What to say:

1) When you call the embassy you may be asked with whom you'd like to speak. Explain that you'd like to speak to someone about the Kinder Morgan pipeline so you can express your disappointment in the Canadian government for supporting a scheme so clearly harmful to our climate.

2) It is likely that you will be told that this isn't possible. Be persistent and ask to speak to someone who can pass on your thoughts directly to the Canadian government.

If you are able to speak to someone you can say the following:

1) The Kinder Morgan pipeline will allow millions more tons of tar sands to be exploited, pumping millions more tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. This is an unacceptable risk to millions of people around the world who are facing or will face climate chaos because of our use of fossil fuels such as tar sands.

2) Canada's reputation is being damaged by the support of Justin Trudeau's government for the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The Canadian government should think about supporting such a dangerous scheme.

Desktop Activist Note: When I called the embassy they gave me this e-mail address:

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