Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Save our National Monuments. Leave a comment today!

Add caIronwood Forest National Monument (Arizona)
Photo credit: Mike Quigley (TWS)ption
The Department of the Interior is "reviewing" previous national monument designations to recommend changes in their status, and it's up to the public to weigh in and defend the shared lands that matter to us. Your voice is crucial right now.

Because of a radical executive order from President Trump, at least 27 national monuments designated since the beginning of 1996--including places like Vermilion Cliffs, Ironwood Forest and Sonoran Desert national monuments in Arizona, as well as Utah’s stunning Bears Ears National Monument--are immediately in danger.

The goals of the Trump administration and its anti-public lands allies are clear: shrinking monument boundaries, reducing protection and chipping away at the great tradition of preserving shared lands for all Americans to enjoy.

Bears Ears is on the docket first. Soon after, Vermilion Cliffs, Sonoran Desert and Ironwood Forest—some of the most stunning landscapes in Arizona—will also be under review, as well as Grand Canyon-Parashant, one of the best places in the country to see starry night skies. It’s time to stand up for Our Wild.

In trying to weaken safeguards for places like Arizona's treasured national monuments, Trump is not only threatening cherished landscapes, but hurting local communities that rely on these monuments for jobs and quality of life. We must use this public comment period to show the administration what a bad idea that is.

Please submit a comment today. Speak up for America’s national monuments and other public lands.

- The Wilderness Society 

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  1. Ironwood Forest National Monument is the home to the last herd of Bighorn Sheep in AZ, it also is home to endangered plants one being the Saguaro Cactus, the Ironwood trees found within as well as many other endangered animals like the desert Tortoise, spotting of the rare Ocelot, reintroduced Wolves in AZ, rare spotting of Jaguar, as well as many other animals & their prey! AZ is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, & we're losing VITAL land & habitat for many plants & animals! this year in 2017 was the busiest fire season in well over 20 years, all it takes is a single fire to sweep through an area & decimate endangered plants & animals we've worked so hard to protect, the slow growing Saguaro cacti take 50-100 years to become the tall awe inspiring cacti we enjoy in these parks in AZ, & most will be wiped out if these monuments were to close! Let these Congressman find other means to mine other places besides our Mounuments that does not threaten our precious & shrinking plant & wildlife here in AZ already in danger, please vote against closing our precious parks because trying to regain loss later will be too late!