Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Join former army medic Perry O'Brian as he fights for our healthcare today!

former army medic speaks up against big Pharma 
In just a few hours, Senate Republicans are going to try do the bidding of Big Pharma corporations and strip away health care from 22 million people. For years, corrupt millionaires on Wall Street and in Congress have waged war on us and our families, and now they want to sentence thousands of us to death.

I was a medic in the U.S. Army. I served in Afghanistan. And here’s my message to these corrupt Republicans: I didn’t ask wounded soldiers how much money they had before treating them. They were hurt. And I had a moral duty to help them.

Republicans don’t agree. When they look at our families, our sick children, and our retired seniors, they don’t see humans. They see profits.

We need to fight as hard as we can to protect ourselves, our families, our elders, and our communities. Add your name and be a part of our joint-action to send a strong message that we won’t compromise on health care.

I joined the army as a medic because I wanted to heal my comrades. I can’t sit idly as corrupt Republicans help Wall Street and Big Pharma prey on working Americans in their moment of need.

That’s why we’re so proud and honored to team up with Color of Change, Daily Kos, and the AFL-CIO, Democracy for America, and thousands of other activists to fight for the health care rights of all Americans.

Join our mass movement and we’ll deliver a strong, undeniable message to the U.S. Senate and House that we won’t back down on health care rights.

I hope you’ll join us today, and stand alongside the 22 million Americans who are at risk.

Thank you,

Perry O'Brien
U.S. Army veteran
Common Defense

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