Friday, October 13, 2017

Ask Gov. Ducey to use VW funds to accelerate electric school bus adoption in Arizona.

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Arizona's money from the Volkswagen emissions cheating settlement is now available. That means it is time for Gov. Ducey to apply for these funds for clean transportation programs -- like clean, climate-friendly, electric school buses!

We have a historic opportunity to turn Volkswagen's outrageous emissions cheating scandal into something positive for our kids, schools and communities. After Volkswagen got caught cheating on vehicle emissions tests, they are being required to pay back the consumers and states they harmed with a $14.7 billion settlement.

Please ask Gov. Ducey to put the funds to immediate beneficial use by purchasing zero-emission electric school buses. This will protect hundreds of thousands of kids who ride school buses from toxic diesel pollution that worsens asthma and other respiratory illnesses.1 It's also a key step toward confronting the growing impacts of fossil-fuel driven climate change, like severe storms and catastrophic wildfires.

Ask Gov. Ducey to use VW funds to accelerate electric school bus adoption in Arizona.

Gov. Ducey has until Friday, December 1, 2017 to claim Arizona's share of the settlement. But exactly how Gov. Ducey chooses to use the money is key.

Already, fossil fuel interests are going after these settlement funds for things like natural gas and "clean diesel" vehicles -- the very thing that got us in this situation in the first place. We cannot miss the opportunity to work for zero-emission electric school buses!

Tell Gov. Ducey to claim Arizona's funding for electric school buses now!

- Lisa Hoyos and John Friedrich, Climate Parents

(1) Asthma and Diesel [Abstract]. (2016). doi:10.18411/d-2016-154

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