Thursday, April 5, 2018

ACTION ALERT: Tell Governor Ducey now, "No hiding Dark Money." Veto HB 2153

The fight to stop HB 2153 is not over.

HB 2153, the bill that tries to block local governments from enforcing their own dark money disclosure requirements, is sitting on Governor Ducey’s desk.

Call Governor Ducey at 602.542.4331 and tell him to side with voters AND VETO HB 2153.

Who is writing our regulations? 

Arizona is getting national press attention for all the wrong reasons – because of HB 2153:  
- Arizona Advocacy Network

I am posting  Arizona Advocacy Networks action alert because dark money has made fighting for our planet so much harder.  I saw this when Sustainable Tucson spoke up against TEP's attack on rooftop solar at the Arizona Corporation Commission - only to find out that the majority of the commissioners were bought by Big Oil. More recently, the members of our advocacy team ran up against barriers as we tried to stop TEP from installing 10 gas fired engines. In fact, all of our advocacy with the state legislature will fall on deaf ears if our legislators are allowed to accept dark money. 

So, please,  take 2 minutes to call Gov. Ducey and tell him veto HB2153.


Jana, Desktop Activist Tucson


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