Friday, April 13, 2018

Tucson Nobody is Above the Law Rally

Right now, rumors are swirling around Washington, D.C. that Donald Trump is planning to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s boss -- because of his involvement in the independent investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

From bragging about avoiding paying federal income taxes, to refusing to release his tax returns, to profiting from the presidency, Trump has proven time and time again that he believes the rules and laws of our American institutions don’t apply to him.

But firing Rosenstein is an ALARMING red line that, if crossed, would lead us into an unprecedented constitutional crisis. It would be the clearest attack yet on the Special Counsel’s investigation into potential collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice, and many more crimes.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of people in over 800 towns and cities across the country have committed to taking to the streets if Rosenstein is fired.

It’s essential that we send a strong message that Trump is NOT above the law -- sign up right now to join a pre-planned rally near you.

As Special Counsel Mueller’s boss, Rosenstein has power over how the Russia investigation is conducted and even whether its results are made public. Firing Rosenstein and replacing him with one of Trump’s flunkies would be just as dangerous to the investigation as firing Mueller.

At this time last year, we marched for tax fairness and government accountability, but now the future of our democracy is at stake -- sign up to attend a rally right now.
- Nicole Gill,Tax March

Let's meet up outside of the district court building in case Trump fires Mueller. Many of our fellow citizens now say that the president can not obstruct justice--in effect, arguing that the president is above the law. We must show resistance if the president acts above the law by firing Mueller.

This is an event planned as a rapid-response protest in the event that Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller or acts in other ways to seriously threaten the Trump-Russia investigation. Please note that the listed date is a placeholder and will be updated to be within 24 hours of the firing, should it occur. 

The Tucson part of the event will be held:
United States District Court - District of Arizona - Tucson
405 W Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

RSVP to let the event host know that they can count on you to attend the event.

Once you sign up, make sure to invite friends to join you at the event!

The host has marked that this event is wheelchair accessible.

Note: If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with our values.

Event ground rules

By participating in this event, you agree
(i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law,
(ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities, and
(iii) that event organizers and sponsors will not be responsible for any injury or damage to your person or property resulting from or occurring in the course of your participating in the event, and you agree to release and forever hold harmless event organizers and sponsors, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from liability for any such injury or damage.

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