Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My letter regarding Christine Blasey Ford's male interrogators on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Christine Blasey Ford will likely face intense questioning from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the truthfulness of her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, who she says attempted to rape her during a party in the 1980s. Her turn on Capitol Hill could decide Kavanaugh’s suddenly uncertain fate, as well as the Supreme Court’s direction for a generation.1

Christine Ford will face questions from 11 Republican MEN on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I just sent the following message to Sen. Senator Jeff Flake:

Dear Senator Flake,

It is bad enough that there are only Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee - especially since the issue of women's reproductive rights is at stake. Those men will never understand the prospect of risking their lives to have a baby or a back alley abortion. They will never face the threat of losing their livelihood because they become pregnant. If they did, they would not vote to allow insurance companies to stop paying for the pill or support bills that allow companies to fire pregnant women - like several congressmen have.

Senator Flake, it is entirely inappropriate that Christine Blasey Ford face intense questioning from eleven men on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the truthfulness of her accusations that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her. Men cannot begin to understand the sexual trauma Ford claims to have suffered at Kavanaugh’s hands, or how that trauma has affected her throughout her adult years. Senator Hatch has already dismissed Ford as potentially “mixed up” in the charges she’s made.

(Personal story here.)

Please, listen to the genuine concerns of your female constituents who have suffered from similar trauma and treat Christine Blasey Ford with sensitivity and respect.

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