Sunday, September 9, 2018

Stop the Trump administration’s rollback of the Endangered Species Act

The grizzly bear, the gray whale, and the bald eagle all faced extinction until the Endangered Species Act saved them. Now that same law is facing its own extinction, thanks to the Trump administration.

Speak up now to stop the Trump administration’s rollback of the Endangered Species Act.

Putting the interests of extractive industries over imperiled wildlife, Trump-appointed Interior Secretary Zinke has proposed a disastrous set of regulatory changes—best characterized as an “Extinction Plan”—that would severely undermine the Act and make it easier for destructive corporations such as oil and gas and mining companies to push through their projects.

For nearly 45 years the Endangered Species Act has been a vital last line of defense for plants and animals on the verge of extinction. And just as our planet is experiencing what scientists call a sixth mass extinction period, the Trump-Zinke Extinction Plan would take us in exactly the wrong direction.

For the sake of our planet and all the generations still to come, we must stop the Trump-Zinke Extinction Plan in its tracks. Take action today to protect the Endangered Species Act and the animals and plants under its care.

Take action now and stop the attack on endangered wildlife.

-Marjorie Mulhall, Legislative Director of Lands, Wildlife, Oceans

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