Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tell your Members of Congress to make nutrition a priority in any farm bill deal!

The farm bill expired more than two months ago, and Congress still has not worked out a deal on a new one.

Please take 30 seconds and tell your Members of Congress to make nutrition a priority in any farm bill deal!

For months, the farm bill has been in conference with little noticeable progress, until recently. While rumors of a farm bill deal have surfaced, few specifics have been shared publicly. Millions of America’s most vulnerable, including children and the elderly, are unsure of what changes may come of programs they need to put food on the table, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

For decades, these programs have played a vital role in providing food security for millions of vulnerable and underemployed individuals. They are proven to positively impact health and economic self-sufficiency, as well as add much needed fruit and vegetables to American diets.

The U.S. House and Senate have passed vastly different versions of the bill and will now come together as a conference to try to come to an agreement. We need to make sure that Representatives and Senators make nutrition a priority in these discussions and that they don’t restrict access to vital programs that help feed millions of Americans.

Please help protect access to vital government nutrition programs by contacting your elected officials today!

(Consider including a personal comment for more impact.) 

- AHA’s Advocacy program

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