Friday, November 15, 2019

Comments needed: No Keystone XL Pipeline

The comment to the Department of State reads:
"The Keystone XL pipeline is a disaster for our environment, our climate and our communities. The Department of State's environmental impact statement ignores all previous studies that show that the Keystone XL will cause devastating harm to our planet and that constructing it will violate the rights of Indigenous communities along the pipeline route. The State Department must listen to science and the communities directly affected and reject this dangerous pipeline for good."
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We need your help right now to build massive opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.
The Department of State recently released another bogus environmental study that blatantly disregards the disastrous effects that the Keystone XL pipeline will have on our climate. It also ignores the fact that building it violates the rights of the Indigenous communities who reside along the pipeline route.1 This climate denial propaganda comes on the heels of a State Department rule that would greenlight construction of this dangerous pipeline. We must fight back.
Millions of us have advocated to stop the Keystone XL pipeline for years – we can't give up now. Submit your comment today to help us build a strong public record of opposition to this rule. The more comments we gather, the more power we build to strengthen future court challenges.
This is the final push to stop the Keystone XL project under the Trump administration. Our activism over the years successfully caused major delays in the pipeline's construction. If we can continue to delay the project now, there is a very real chance in 2020 that the next administration could stop this dangerous pipeline for good.
The Keystone XL would carry the dirtiest tar sands oil from Canada, through the United States and then all over the world, hastening the demise of our rapidly warming planet. Like all pipelines, this one will leak, threatening our water, climate and communities.
The comment period for the Department of State new rule closes Nov. 18. Speak out now to register your opposition and help us build momentum to finally put a stop to this huge climate destroying project.
Comments needed by Nov. 18: No Keystone XL pipeline. Click the link below to sign the petition:
- Jelani Drew, CREDO Action
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  1. United States Department of State, "Keystone XL Mainline Alternative Route Project" July 2018.

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