Saturday, June 30, 2018

Take Action: Demand Ford keep its promise to strengthen cleaner car emissions standards, not roll them back.

The Trump administration’s assault on climate action continues. Now, fuel-efficiency standards for cars are on the chopping block.

Major automakers once stood by cleaner car standards. Back then, executives at Ford were voicing their support for the fuel economy standards on vehicles that would greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But since then they’ve changed their tune. Just days after the inauguration of Donald Trump, Ford started lobbying to roll back these critical standards, siding with Big Oil instead of focusing on the urgent need to protect our climate and communities.

Take Action: Demand Ford keep its promise to strengthen cleaner car emissions standards, not roll them back.

Ford is part of the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, a powerful trade group which has used climate denial to lobby against the standards. And, this year Ford showed their true colors yet again, announcing that the company would be dropping more-efficient cars from their lineup, opting instead to produce more gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs.

Since big car companies rely on consumers and maintaining their brands, a massive public backlash will have an impact. That’s why we’re joining together with our allies at the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, and others with a joint petition to put pressure on Ford.

Rolling back the rules that reduce pollution from cars and trucks just sets us further backwards, and means more communities dealing with the extraction of oil and up to 280 million more metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2030.

Add your name to tell Ford that we demand stronger clean car standards — not a rollback!


NOTE:  Like many, we're appalled at the actions of the Trump administration to separate families at the border. Join one of the actions being planned across the country today — and in the days ahead — to stand up to these inhumane acts here:


"The real Scott Pruitt scandal is his coming crusade to help car companies pollute more,” NBC News - Think, 06-10-2018
E.P.A. Takes a Major Step to Roll Back Clean Car Rules,” The New York Times, 05-31-2018
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Friday, June 29, 2018

New bills pressure states into more drilling

Tell your Rep. to vote NO on drilling bills!
Encouraged by Trump’s fossil fuel agenda, proponents of oil drilling in Congress are clamoring to sell out more of America’s wildest lands to the oil industry. 
This time they are pushing a set of dangerous bills that would:
  • Remove drilling safety requirements
  • Fine states that choose not to drill on public lands
  • Link America's school funding to drilling, selling out our children's wellbeing for the benefit of oil executives
These bills will make it harder for decision makers to protect wild places from inappropriate drilling plans. They are bad for us and bad for our environment.
These bills could be voted on soon, so don't delay!

Sign the petition to demand ICE stop targeting immigration activists!


We must protect both our immigrant communities and our right to dissent without retaliation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement - the agency known as ICE - is out of control. ICE has long been a cruel engine of this country's deportation machine. But now a growing number of immigrants' rights advocates and outspoken members of the immigrant community are facing detention, deportation, or criminal charges.

Coincidence? No chance. When immigration activists face harsher penalties in increasing numbers, it sends a clear signal to the rest of an already targeted immigrant community: keep quiet, or you'll be next.

The Trump administration is deliberately creating a climate of fear and uncertainty, fomenting panic among immigrant communities. Over the past year, many immigrants have decided to steer clear of courthouses, hospitals, and other public spaces, for fear of arrest and deportation. Imagine being too afraid to seek lifesaving medical treatment or to seek justice against an abusive partner because of the threat of ICE agents lurking around the corner.

Trump's racist targeting of immigrants isn't the only pattern at work here. From arresting and brutalizing Inauguration Day protestors, to labeling U.S. senators with racial epithets to screaming "fake news" at every New York Times story, the Trump administration attacks people who don't agree with its policies.

Enough is enough. We have the backs of immigration activists like Ravi Ragbir in New York, and we're not afraid of a fight. Stand with us and stand up to ICE's bullying, predatory hunt for activists.

Tell Democrats: No immigration compromise with Republican extremists

Tell Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin:
"The Republican immigration agenda is a dangerous, racist platform that demonizes and attacks immigrant communities. Don't compromise with extremists like Ted Cruz."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Tell Democrats: No immigration compromise with Republican extremists
It's almost unbelievable. Trump's extremist immigration policies are ripping families apart. Congressional Republicans are refusing to act. And now two senior Democrats are negotiating with one of the most extreme Republicans in the Senate for a compromise on immigration.
News broke this week that Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin are working with Sen. Ted Cruz to codify Trump's sham executive order that substituted indefinite family detention for family separation.1
The Republican immigration agenda is a dangerous, racist platform that demonizes and attacks immigrant communities. There is no reason for Democrats to help Republicans make it legislative reality. We have to raise our voices now.
Cruz is locked in a tight race for his Texas Senate seat. He defended family separation until it seemed politically unwise to do so.2 Then he offered a bill that he claimed would end family separation but would actually grant Trump a wishlist of immigration priorities without doing anything to block the policy that created the family separation crisis – Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance" policy of criminally charging all undocumented immigrants.3
It is appalling that Sens. Feinstein and Durbin want to negotiate with Cruz. Trump and his Republican Party's inhumane policies and racist attacks are an affront to our democracy. They not only worsen the country's crisis of mass incarceration and sanction state violence against people and children of color, but also empower agencies that are terrorizing immigrant communities. If Democrats negotiate and compromise with that bigotry, they legitimize and normalize it. We have to make sure they don't.
Instead of decriminalizing and reuniting immigrant families, Trump's recent executive order replaced ripping families apart with indefinitely jailing them.4 Now, the administration is using the shift from family separation to family detention as yet another cruel bargaining chip, with officials threatening to separate families again if Congress does not give them millions to expand detention centers.5
Those of us who care about our immigrant family members, neighbors and friends have a responsibility to make sure that Democrats refuse to cave to this vile political hostage-taking. If Sens. Feinstein and Durbin are at the negotiating table with Ted Cruz, we have to make sure they hear us, loud and clear, right now. Can you add your name today?
Click the link below to tell Sens. Feinstein, Durbin and all congressional Democrats: No compromises with Republican extremism on immigration:
- Heidi Hess, CREDO Action
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Saturday in Tucson: National Day of Action to Resist Trump's Racist Immigration Agenda

This Saturday, people across the country are rising up to protest Trump's criminalization and mass incarceration of immigrant families. RSVP now to attend the event in Tucson.
Click below to RSVP:
The Trump administration's racist and inhumane treatment of immigrants is immoral and unacceptable. On June 30, people all over the country are fighting back. 
Here are the details:
What: Families Belong Together event
When: Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 9 - 11 a.m. (local time)
Where: Armory Park, Tucson, AZ
Note: Please wear white to show you stand in solidarity with immigrants.
Massive public pressure forced Donald Trump to address his cruel family separation policy last week, but his latest executive order has created another crisis. Instead of stopping DHS from ripping children from their families, Trump's new directive gives DHS the power to detain children and parents in family prisons indefinitely.1 Exchanging one humanitarian crisis for another is not a solution. We must keep up the fight to protect our immigrant family members, friends and neighbors from these vile attacks.

CREDO is joining MoveOn, National Domestic Workers Alliance and other progressive allies to protest these egregious violations of immigrants' civil rights and demand that the Trump administration stop criminalizing, locking up and separating immigrant families. There are more than 500 events happening on Saturday – it is a crucial moment for us all to speak out.

- Nicole Regalado, CREDO Action
Click below to RSVP:
  1. Mark Joseph Stern, "Trump Fixed Nothing Today," Slate, June 20, 2018.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Save the last orcas! Tell the world’s largest banks not to fund pipelines

There are now just 75 Southern Resident Orcas left in the wild. 

Last week, there were 76.

These distinct endangered orcas are already on the brink, yet they’re facing another threat: the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.2

Today, barely a week after it was announced that one of the last remaining Southern Resident Orcas is presumed dead, Greenpeace USA released a new report documenting the communities, marine life, and about $62.4 billion in economic activity that are under threat from the increased tar sands tanker traffic the Trans Mountain Expansion Project would bring to the Pacific Coast.3

We released our new report from the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise as we travel the tanker route in the Salish Sea. These waters and the entire West Coast could see a seven-fold increase in tar sands tanker traffic if the project is built, creating a tar sands tanker superhighway and making a tar sands oil spill virtually inevitable. Even if these tankers never spill, the noise of the tanker superhighway alone could push the Southern Resident orcas to extinction.

This noise pollution and potential for spills further put these endangered orcas at the brink of extinction. Learn more about orcas and how we can save them in our new video!

And it’s not just the orcas that are at risk. The climate, the water, and Indigenous rights are also at stake. This pipeline expansion does not have the consent of many of the First Nations whose land this pipeline crosses and whose waters would be impacted by this project.

Thanks to public pressure, HSBC has scaled back financing for tar sands projects. Together, we’ve made this bank and others aware of just how risky these pipelines projects are — for all of us.

If there’s a spill, miles of beaches could be destroyed, including so many spectacular creatures, like orcas, whales and the world’s largest species of octopus. It’s too much of a risk to take.

Right now, I‘m on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise in the Pacific Northwest. We’re here to support the massive, Indigenous-led resistance to pipeline projects and the horrifying tactics of some of the companies that build them — like Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), whose private security contractors used pepper spray and attack dogs on peaceful Water Protectors and pipeline opponents at Standing Rock.

Together, we need to show ETP that its tactics of intimidation will not work; that new pipelines will not be built; that our Wave of Resistance is unstoppable. 

The last thing endangered orcas and the Pacific Northwest needs is new pipelines. Watch our new video about orcas and the Wave of Resistance and share with your friends!

- Rachel Butler, Tar Sands Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

Tell Congress: Block Trump's racist Muslim Ban

The petition to Congress reads:
"Support legislation to stop Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and anti-Muslim attack on refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Tell Congress: Block Trump's racist and xenophobic Muslim Ban
Instead of providing a needed check on Donald Trump’s most dangerous and xenophobic impulses, five Supreme Court justices just handed him a blank check to discriminate against Muslims.1
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold Trump's Muslim ban threatens the core principles of our democracy and could help supercharge Trump's broad attacks on Muslim communities. Congress must do everything it can to stop this xenophobic and racist policy now.
Democrats have introduced legislation to block the ban. Add your support for these bills now and demand that Congress pass them immediately.
Trump’s Muslim ban is appalling, horrifying and unconstitutional. It illegally discriminates against immigrants based on their country of origin by targeting people born in five Muslim-majority countries including – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen – and people born in North Korea and Venezuela. The ban prohibits people from these countries from traveling to the United States and bars many of them from ever qualifying for a green card or work visa.2,3
Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Judy Chu have introduced legislation to overturn this racist policy.4 The bill would withhold any funding to enforce the Muslim ban and declares it illegal based on the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which prohibited discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.
Similarly, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has introduced two bills to block the ban. One would rescind Trump's Muslim ban executive order and the other would amend the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act to restrict the president’s authority to bar people from entering the United States.5
Trump's Muslim ban comes from the same racism that allows him to rip families apart and terrorize immigrant communities. To protect immigrants, refugees and their families, we need to push our elected officials in Congress to fight back. We have to demand that they use their power to block Trump's hateful agenda. And we have to speak out publicly in massive numbers to make sure they know we will hold them accountable if they fail to act. Can you add your name today?
Tell Congress: Support legislation to stop Trump’s racist and xenophobic Muslim ban. Click the link below to sign the petition.
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
  1. Adam Liptak and Michael D. Shear, "Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban, Delivering Endorsement of Presidential Power," The New York Times, June 26, 2018.
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Monday, June 25, 2018

ACTION REQUIRED NOW: Tell Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Don't Finance Forest Destroyers

The companies that are destroying forests and abusing human rights need extensive financing in order to keep their operations running. One of the most destructive companies we’ve profiled, Indofood, is a prime example. Indofood is a major palm oil company that has been proven over and over again to engage in some of the worst violations of worker rights, and human rights, and deforestation. Meanwhile, the company is being propped up by Japanese banking giant Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG). That needs to stop, now.

As citizens of the world, we condemn abuses anywhere and call out the banks who pay for them. If financing of forest destroyers and those that violate human rights is global, so too must be our resistance.

We need 10,000 signatures today to deliver to the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG) Annual General Meeting. Despite SMFG’s latest pledge to respect human rights and protect forests, the bank continues to fund timber, pulp, and palm oil companies with known ties to rainforest destruction and child labor.

Sign now to tell SMFG to immediately end all financing for any company found to be destroying forests, violating human rights, or threatening communities.

More information:

Palm oil – deforestation for everyday products

Upcoming Political Events

Wednesday, June 27, 5:30 p.m.: Clean Elections Debate for Democratic candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission, televised live on “Arizona Horizon” (Arizona PBS Channel 8). The debates will be available on the Clean Elections website within 72 hours after they occur. The debate will also be available on Arizona PBS’ website.

Saturday, June 30, 10 am: Families Belong Together Day of Action, Tucson District Court, 405 W Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701. We’re rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to tell Donald Trump and his administration to stop separating kids from their parents! Join us on June 30 to send a clear message to Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress: Families Belong Together! RSVP at

Arizona Advocacy Network's 2018 Legislative Report Card


Even for veterans of the Arizona Capitol, the 2018 Legislative Session was one for the history books.

Given the extra eyes on the Legislature, and an influx of media attention, Arizonans were able to see their democracy in action, including attempts by some legislators to advance democracy, and far too many attempts to weaken it.

For the 2017 Legislative Report Card, AZAN rated each member of the legislature on their work and willingness to protect voting rights, expand access to the ballot, mitigate the effects of money in politics, and ensure courts remain fair and independent.

You can read about all of them in AZAN’s 2018 Legislative Report Card

Senator Steve Farley listening to our concerns. See his rating above.

- Arizona Advocacy Network

Contact your senators today. Tell them #EndFamilyDetention and the Zero Tolerance

Stop Trump from locking up families. This is NOT a solution, just a change in how the damage is done.

The Trump Administration believes it has solved the crisis THEY created. After ripping 2,000 children from the arms of their parents they are now preparing to lock up huge numbers of families together. Halting the separation of families is NOT enough. We must end zero tolerance and the criminalization of immigrant families. Asylum seekers should not be detained, and detention of kids is NEVER in their "best interest."

No one will ever forget the harm and damage Trump inflicted on families fleeing persecution and violence, especially the children, some only months old,
who will suffer indefinitely from trauma. This is NOT a solution, just a change in how the damage is done.

As you heard on Friday from my colleague Nicole, the Trump administration believes it has solved the crisis THEY created. After ripping more than 2,300 children from the arms of their parents they are now preparing to lock up huge numbers of families together.

But halting the separation of families is NOT enough. We must end zero tolerance and the criminalization of immigrant families. Asylum seekers should not be detained, and detention of kids is NEVER in their "best interest."

We will never forget the harm and damage Trump inflicted on families fleeing persecution and violence, especially the children, some only months old, who will suffer indefinitely from trauma.
This cruelty must STOP.

Contact your senators today. Tell them they should #EndFamilyDetention and the Zero Tolerance Policy.

Contact your senators today on (202) 224-3121 and tell them they should support an end to family detention and the Zero Tolerance Policy.

- Jasmine L. Tyler, Human Rights Watch

nistration believes it has solved the crisis THEY created. After ripping  months old, who will suffer indefinitely from trauma.

Tell the House of Representatives: Restore Net Neutrality!

I wanted to make sure you saw that we have a huge chance to to save net neutrality. If we act now, there is still time to protect the free and open internet.

Last week, the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of net neutrality took effect. Yeah — it’s bad. But here’s the good news: Thanks to your activism, we have a real shot to keep the internet open for activism by restoring net neutrality.

Last month, we got the Senate to overturn the FCC’s repeal and vote to save net neutrality by flooding the Senate with millions of calls and emails from constituents like you. And together, we won an against-the-odds bipartisan victory using an unprecedented tactic called a discharge petition to bring back the open internet.

Now, we need to force the House to pass the same kind of resolution to save net neutrality. So we need to drive a huge wave of grassroots pressure just like we did in the Senate. And with net neutrality rules officially lapsed, we’ve got no time to lose. That’s where you come in.

Tell the House of Representatives: Follow the Senate’s lead and sign the discharge petition to restore net neutrality!

As of now, AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are allowed to create fast and slow lanes on the internet to drown out our voices.

We don’t know when they’ll act — but we sure know it’s coming. And we’ve got to stop it.

Our movement for peace doesn’t have fistfuls of cash to pour into lobbying Congress, like the giant defense contractors do. Instead, we have people power to drive relentless grassroots pressure on Congress. And thanks to net neutrality, our people power is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the defense lobby — and win.

But now, the net neutrality rules that keep our voices loud and clear are over. And if we don’t step in, our grassroots power for peace could be throttled, too.

Don’t let companies shut down anti-war activism that hurts their bottom line. Add your name now and demand Congress restore net neutrality.

- Daily Kos and Demand Progress

Please call Congress and tell your lawmakers to overturn the FCC and restore net neutrality:

Call Now:

You'll be connected to your lawmakers. You can use this script — just introduce yourself, be polite, and say:

"I support Title Two net neutrality and I urge you to sign the discharge petition and vote for the Congressional Review Act ‘resolution of disapproval’ to restore net neutrality."

#netneutrality, #SAVENETNEUTRALITY

More information: 

The FCC plans to repeal net neutrality this week — and it could ruin the internet

Saturday, June 23, 2018


In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Justice Department has seized the records of a New York Times journalist concerning alleged misdeeds by the president’s campaign. This raises questions about whether the content of the reporting is what drew this unusual level of scrutiny.

What justified such a broad seizure of records?

Donald Trump’s daily attacks on the news media are having a chilling effect on our democracy. It’s up to us to defend the freedom of the press: the Fourth Estate of our democracy.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN the following petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the U.S. Department of Justice demanding an explanation of its extreme measures.

To: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In 2015, the Justice Department introduced guidelines to “ensure the highest level of oversight when members of the Department seek to obtain information from, or records of, a member of the news media.” The DOJ says it followed these guidelines, but the breadth of the recent seizure of journalist Ali Watkins’s email and phone records raises serious questions about what justified such an extreme measure.

- Pen America


Report: Journalist's phone, email records seized by U.S. government

Submit a comment: No Keystone XL pipeline

The comment to the State Department reads:

"The Keystone XL pipeline is a risky project that requires a full and rigorous environmental review."
Add your name:
Take action now ►

Submit a comment: No Keystone XL pipeline
We thought we had defeated the Keystone XL pipeline, but Trump and his oil industry friends are trying to bring it back.
Now Trump's State Department is taking public comments on the dangerous plan and the deadline to submit our comments is this Monday, June 25.
Millions of us have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline for years – we can't give up now. Submit your comment now so that we can flood this docket with our voices and create a strong public record of opposition.
Trump wasted no time – days after taking office, he signed an executive order aimed at reviving the reckless pipeline project.1 Two months later, he officially approved it.2 Now he wants to limit the project's required environmental review to just the newest section of the pipeline. But the last full environmental review was in 2014 – it's long out of date.3
The existing Keystone pipeline spills oil far more often than regulators predicted.4 In November, a leak in South Dakota spilled more than 5,000 barrels of oil. The line has already leaked twice in that state, where TransCanada had initially predicted a spill "no more than once every 41 years.”5
We know the pipeline isn't safe – and we cannot allow the Trump administration to rush its completion.
Tell the State Department: Conduct a full, rigorous environmental review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Click the link below to submit your comment:
Add your name:
Take action now ►
  1. Brady Dennis and Steven Mufson, "As Trump administration grants approval for Keystone XL pipeline, an old fight is reignited," Washington Post, March 24, 2017.
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  3. Brad Plumer, "Five takeaways from State Department’s review of the Keystone XL pipeline," Washington Post, Jan. 31, 2014.
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Save the Alaskan Wilderness: Urge the Army Corps to Reject the Permit for Pebble Mine

We're closer than ever to stopping the Pebble Mine, the catastrophic gold and copper mega-mine that could destroy Alaska's Bristol Bay wilderness for decades to come.

As we reported a few weeks back, Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals just walked away from its planned investment in the Pebble Mine, thanks to opposition from Bristol Bay leaders and hundreds of thousands of activists like you.

Northern Dynasty Minerals — the company behind the mega-mine — is now running low on cash and unable to prove the economic viability of its mine plan, yet it is barreling ahead with the permitting process. So, now we must mobilize as much public pressure as possible on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to suspend — and ultimately reject — the project's permit, closing the door on this reckless scheme once and for all.

The Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comments until June 29, so it's critical that they hear from you immediately.

Tell the Army Corps that you oppose the Pebble Mine — and urge them to suspend and reject the permit for this disastrous mega-mine.

The Pebble Mine could produce billions of tons of mining waste and completely devastate Alaska's Bristol Bay wilderness, its world-renowned salmon runs and wildlife, and its Native communities.

Despite the risks to the world's greatest wild salmon fishery, Northern Dynasty submitted an incomplete permit application that lacks either the scientific or economic support for its plans.

Worse, the company is now scheming to make the mine even bigger — without submitting any supporting documents to the Army Corps.

Tell the Army Corps to immediately suspend the mine's permitting process.
The agency is currently rushing to complete the permitting process in less time than any other large-scale development project in Alaska. And to make matters worse, they're not giving potentially impacted communities and businesses the opportunity to voice their concerns at public hearings as part of the process.

The Pebble Mine is the largest and most contentious mine ever proposed in Alaska.The Army Corps must take the time to properly assess the social, environmental, and economic impacts that this mega-mine could have on Alaskan communities and American businesses.

Tell the Army Corps to stop the Pebble Mine and save Alaska's Bristol Bay wilderness.

The Pebble Mine is opposed by 65 percent of Alaskans and 80 percent of people from Bristol Bay, including tribes, business leaders, commercial fishermen, and native village corporations.

And three of the largest mining companies in the world — Mitsubishi Corporation, Anglo American, and Rio Tinto — have already abandoned the project. Now First Quantum Minerals has joined that list.

So, it's time for the Army Corps to heed all of these voices — and reject the permit for the Pebble Mine.

Add your voice today: Submit your public comment to the Army Corps before June 29.

- Rhea Suh. President, NRDC


Friday, June 22, 2018

Tell Greyhound to Stop Aiding Trump's Deportation Machine!

Greyhound is aiding in the criminalization of immigrants and the racial profiling of Black and Latinx people. In a move that evokes memories of Arizona’s “show-me-your-papers” law, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents are boarding buses and questioning passengers about their immigration and citizenship status. If a person is unable to provide documentation on the spot, they are removed from the bus and detained. By allowing CBP to conduct warrantless searches on their buses, Greyhound is aiding in Trump’s deportation machine that’s tearing apart families and wrecking communities.

Tell Greyhound: stop driving passengers into the prison-to-deportation pipeline!

Border Patrol agents have the legal authority to do immigration checks within 100 miles of a U.S. border as long as they have probable cause and/or a warrant.1 In the case of the Greyhound searches, CBP agents are boarding buses indiscriminately and racially profiling passengers to target them about their immigration status. American Civil Liberties Union chapters in 10 states have written a letter to Greyhound asking them to adopt policies banning these citizenship checks as they violate passengers constitutional rights against illegal search and violate Greyhounds own policies of not allowing non-ticket holding passengers to board buses.2 More than 3 million Americans don’t have a government-issued ID,3 leaving them at risk of possible arrest and detention when they ride a Greyhound bus. According to the ACLU, Greyhound is within their legal right to refuse warrantless searches by federal agents unless the bus is at a border crossing.

Greyhound needs to stop aiding Trump’s deportation machine

We know from videos and witness accounts that CBP agents are specifically targeting racial minorities for these searches, fitting in with Trump’s rhetoric that demonizes Black and Latinx people. From only checking IDs of “people who had accents or were not white”4, to stopping someone because their “shoes looked suspicious”5, to arresting a Jamaican woman who entered the country legally to visit her granddaughter,6 Greyhound is giving CBP free range to put people of color in the prison-to-deportation pipeline and separate children from their parents. 82% of the people stopped by CBP in Michigan at bus stops were Latinx7 and between 2006 to 2010, CBP erroneously arrested 300 legal immigrants in western New York state.8

This is 2018, not 1818. We don’t have to carry “passes” or “freedom papers”9 in order to travel from one location to the next. Over 50 years ago, Freedom Riders rode Greyhound buses into the Deep South to fight for Black civil rights, now Greyhound stands on the wrong side of history. Cities like Spokane, Washington are now accusing Greyhound of violating their anti-discrimination laws by allowing these illegal searches.10 With anti-immigration policies becoming more extreme each day, it’s only a matter of time before other municipalities start fighting back. Greyhound still has time to do what’s right. Join Color Of Change in telling Greyhound to ban Border Patrol agents from boarding their buses and performing illegal searches.

- Color Of Change team

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Ask Chase not to bankroll the Line 3 Pipeline

In the next week, JPMorgan Chase has a big decision to make. Should it continue a line of credit for the energy giant, Enbridge and their Line 3 pipeline, or finally be on the right side of history?

JPMorgan Chase is a lead bank on a $625 million line of credit to Enbridge which is about to expire. It’s time that Chase makes the decision to cut their ties with dirty pipeline companies and starts to get serious about Indigenous rights and climate change.

Call JPMorgan Chase today and tell it to say NO to Enbridge. 212-270-1111

Line 3 will cut through 5 Ojibwe nations in Minnesota despite fierce opposition from these Native communities. Indigenous leaders, environmentalists and local landowners stand united against the pipeline. Even Minnesota’s own commerce department said the state doesn’t need the project.

It’s simple. Giving an open credit line to Enbridge will ensure more pipelines are built. With more pipelines we see more spills, worsening climate change and abuses to Indigenous rights.

Indigenous leaders and local communities have been taking action against Enbridge's most recent pipeline, Line 3.

The Line 3 pipeline, will cut through 5 Ojibwe nations in Minnesota, despite fierce opposition from these Native communities. Indigenous leaders, environmentalists and local landowners stand united against the pipeline. Even Minnesota’s own commerce department said the state doesn’t need the project. Enbridge is persisting, backed by Wall Street.

JPMorgan Chase is the top US bankroller of extreme fossil fuels, tar sands, and tar sands pipelines. Today, it has the opportunity to do the right thing and stop funding Indigenous rights abuses and climate chaos — but it will only do so if we call in and demand it.  

It’s time to get Chase to finally stop funding the climate crisis. Call 212-270-1111

Click here to share the details of your call with the Rainforest Action Network.

- Ruth Breech, Rainforest Action Network 

Here’s a simple script you can use for calling JPMorgan Chase

“Hello, I’m (name) from (city, state, or country) and I’m calling to urge JPMorgan Chase stop profiting from climate change and to act responsibly. JPMorgan Chase is the top US funder of extreme fossil fuels and tar sands pipelines, including the Line 3 pipeline. JPMorgan Chase has a choice whether or not to renew the credit for Enbridge, the company behind the Line 3 pipeline. I urge JPMorgan Chase to get on the right side of history by ending financing for Line 3 and Enbridge and defund tar sands projects.”

Thank you for for taking a few minutes out of your day to make a quick call. Your call joined by hundreds of others makes a huge impact! Once you make the call, please let us know how it went by filling out the info on the right.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sign Petition to Protect Clean Car Standards

Under the last administration, the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition Political Action Committee made significant progress fighting pollution and climate change. One big step was stronger fuel efficiency rules for cars and light trucks. After all, some 20% of all carbon emissions come from cars and trucks -- about 24 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas!

But under Donald Trump, the EPA and Department of Transportation are set to put us in reverse. Their plan? A total rollback of Obama-era fuel efficiency and emissions standards. It makes no sense. Fighting global climate change and pollution starts at home and starts with us. We can save people money at the pump and create jobs, but only if we fight to keep the fuel efficiency standards.


"Put our long-term health ahead of industry profits and special interests. Stop trying to roll back clean car standards!"

- Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition Political Action Committee

Children jailed with parents!

Yesterday, thanks to public pressure from hundreds of thousands across the country -- including thousands of Courage members like you -- the Trump administration has been forced to shift its inhumane child separation program. Trump's executive order doesn't mean the cruelty stops, it just means families will now be jailed together INDEFINITELY -- with no real solution or response to the thousands of children who have already been separated.
All the while, Congress still plans to use these families as bargaining chips to pass two anti-immigration proposals by Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Bob Goodlatte TODAY! Both of these bills fail to bring separated families back together, and could actually lead to more children living in jails.(1)

    • Speaker Ryan's bill doesn't ensure families stay together and allows children to be jailed indefinitely. After adults get out of jail, nothing in this bill actually says Trump can't still keep their kids separated. Parents could even get deported while their kids remain in the U.S., separating them by law permanently. This bill would also override current law to allow ICE to hold kids in immigration jail run by private prison companies indefinitely with their parents.4

    • Rep. Goodlatte's bill targets black immigrants by eliminating the diversity visa program; drastically cuts family immigration; further militarizes the border; harms low-wage immigrant workers already vulnerable to abuse and exploitation; and wants automatic detention and deportation of anyone who comes in contact with authorities.5
Now it's time to turn up the pressure. 
We need to make sure our elected representatives hear us loud and clear: Congress must take meaningful action to stop these awful anti-immigrant bills, and not blow up the immigration system, as the Ryan and Goodlatte proposals would. Can you call your representative, Martha McSally, and tell them to vote NO on the Ryan and Goodlatte immigration bills? 
Call 1-844-336-0046 and tell Rep. Martha McSally to vote NO on Ryan and Goodlatte immigration bills.
Tucson Office: (520) 881-3588
Here's a call script that you can use as guidance when you get on the phone with the representative:
"Hi, my name is __________ and I live in Tucson. I'm calling to ask you to vote NO on the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018 by Speaker Paul Ryan, and to vote NO on the Securing America’s Future Act by Rep. Bob Goodlatte. These bills do nothing to address the crisis at the border, and they go against American values. Thank you." 

Up until today, immigration agents have snatched over 11,000 children from their parents this year -- even those asking for political asylum after escaping horrible human rights abuses.(2)
Trump and the Republican leadership are still using these children as leverage to force Democrats and moderate Republicans to support two GOP immigration bills by Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Bob Goodlatte up for a vote as early as TODAY. If they pass, it will basically end immigration as we know it -- and will do almost nothing to reunite the children that have been stripped from their parents' arms. 
Call 1-844-336-0046 and tell Rep. Martha McSally to vote NO on the Ryan and Goodlatte immigration bills. 
- the Courage team
More information:

Times article: Children 'Don’t Need Jail.' Immigration Advocates Say President Trump's Executive Order Creates Even More Problems