Saturday, September 1, 2018

Seven courtroom victories over the Trump administration and corporate bad actors

Big news to share: in recent weeks there were seven courtroom victories over the Trump administration and corporate bad actors. Here's a quick rundown of the cases:
  • Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline: A federal court in Montana ruled in favor of NRDC and our allies that the Trump administration violated the law when it fast-tracked review of the Keystone XL's new route through Nebraska. It ordered the government to go back to the drawing board and conduct a proper environmental review. This ruling throws up yet another obstacle to the climate-wrecking pipeline, and leaves investors questioning the need for the project. Find out more.
  • Nerve gas pesticide chlorpyrifos: The U.S. Court of Appeals ordered Trump's EPA to act within 60 days to ban the dangerous pesticide chlorpyrifos, which is linked to learning disabilities and developmental delays in children. The court said the agency had broken the law by allowing the toxic chemical to be used on fruits and vegetables despite solid evidence that it harms the developing brains of children. Find out more.
  • Monsanto and toxic chemicals: The California Supreme Court refused to review a lower court decision that rejected Monsanto's attempt to remove glyphosate — found in the company's Roundup pesticide products — from the state's public list of cancer-causing chemicals. The victory sends a clear message that corporations cannot dodge the public's right to information that directly threatens our health. Find out more.
  • Endangered porpoises: The Court of International Trade sided with NRDC and our partners by ordering the Trump administration to immediately ban seafood imports from Mexico caught with gillnets that often injure or kill critically endangered vaquita porpoises, rejecting the Trump administration's attempt to narrow an earlier order. Find out more.
  • Clean water in California: A federal court in Los Angeles ordered Trump's EPA to protect water quality and health by banning or regulating polluted stormwater discharges from commercial and industrial sites. Find out more.
  • Clean water around the nation: A federal judge in South Carolina blocked the Trump administration's illegal suspension of the Clean Water Rule early this year, reinstating critical clean water protections in 26 states. While NRDC was not a party to this suit, we've been staunch supporters of the Clean Water Rule and cheer this decisive win for the millions of Americans whose water supplies are now better protected from pollution. Find out more.
  • Safety of chemical plants: A federal appeals court threw out the Trump administration's attempt to delay important safety regulations meant to protect communities from disasters at industrial facilities that use high-risk, hazardous chemicals. The EPA continues its push to chip away at these safety regulations and NRDC, alongside our environmental justice and community partners, the Environmental Justice Health Alliance, Coming Clean, and others, have mobilized tens of thousands of people to send messages to the EPA protesting rollbacks of these critical safeguards. Find out more
NRDC has engaged in more than 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration, and we have notched victories in 21 of the 25 cases that have been resolved. The courts remain our environment's last, best line of defense. Many tough battles lay ahead.

But we will be ready to fight them and to hold this president and his administration to account.

- Mitch Bernard, Chief Counsel, NRDC
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