Monday, February 18, 2019

Urgent Request to Speak Call to Action on Clean Elections. Don't miss the next one. Sign up for Request to Speak NOW

The Arizona legislation is currently in session. One way to have a voice on the bills in our state legislator is to sign up on for the Request to Speak system. It is an opportunity to weigh in on bad (and good) bills that are currently being heard in committee. You can give a thumb's up or down and leave a short comment that becomes a part of public record. While we were at Environmental Day at the Capitol, we were urged to submit comments because the committee members actually read them and they make a difference.

Sustainable Tucson's advocacy group will receive Request to Speak calls to action. You can also find them on Sierra Club's legislative reports. But you can't play if you don't sign up.

If you haven't signed up for Request to Speak, please take a minute do that now:

Then you will be ready if the bill that we are promoting, HB2395 is heard in committee.

For those who are signed up for Request to Speak, here is a last minute call to action:

A very bad bill, HB2724, being heard in the Regulatory Affairs committee TODAY at 2 that is an attack of Clean Elections. This bill could spark costly investigations by the Governor’s regulatory agency. No other state agency suffers from this much oversight. This regulation is aimed at suppressing the voices of candidates who choose to say no to big money politics. Please, response asap on Request to Speak.

I know the app is a little wonky. But it's real easy once you've done it once. 

Easy directions:

After you sign in, click on Request to Speak in the left column. Then click on New Request. Then click on House or Senate (House in this case), then scroll down for the committee (in this case Regulatory Affairs), and put in the bill number (with no spaces between the letters and number - like this HB2724. Any period or extra spaces seems to muck it up.) Then pick thumbs up or down and indicate that you won't be speaking. (That’s for in person.)

So if you have a couple minutes, please, weigh in on HB2724. Arizonans love Clean Elections and the Citizens Initiative because these two statues allow the voters’ voices to be heard. HB2724 is a direct assault on the autonomy of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission and is the natural next step for right-wingers after the passage of the anti-Clean Elections Prop 306 in Nov.

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