Monday, July 15, 2019

Tell Rep. Kirkpatrick: We need climate action now! Extend tax credits needed to expand our clean energy technology revolution

There's one big way Congress can help speed up action on clean energy and climate change:

Tax credits!

By extending or modifying critical tax credits for clean energy and energy efficiency investments, the federal government can provide billions of dollars in tax incentives that will help solve the climate crisis.

Here's the problem: Many of these tax credits are outdated, expired, or set to expire soon, including in four key green technology areas needed to meet our climate goals — electric vehicles, offshore wind, electric grid scale storage, and building efficiency.

Without extensions and modifications to tax credits in these areas, clean energy innovation could stall and our planet will be driven even closer to the brink of climate catastrophe.

Tell Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick: We need climate action now! Extend smart and vital tax credits needed to expand our clean energy technology revolution.

Clean energy solutions are good for our environment and our economy, creating jobs and reducing energy costs for consumers.

Moreover, we know these credits work. Wind and solar already have received tax incentives that have proved incredibly successful at increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid.

The House of Representatives tax committee just passed legislation to extend a host of other tax credits, but that bill did not update or extend the important credits we need for electric vehicles, offshore wind, and energy storage. It also included outdated energy efficiency tax credits for commercial buildings and new homes that must be modified to be effective.

In order to succeed in including these credits, we need as many people as possible to urge their representatives to do their part to fund them. Can you help?

Tell your representative that clean energy innovation is needed now — and that you're counting on her to do her part to make sure these crucial climate goals are met.

Earlier this year, the House passed the "Climate Action Now Act," showing that addressing climate change is at the top of their priority list. And extending these critical tax credits is another way the House can demonstrate its commitment to action on climate change.

Given the urgency and scale of transformation needed to address climate change and rapidly decarbonize our economy, one of Congress's top priorities must be to provide tax credits that make the greatest impact toward meeting our nation's climate change goals and commitments. Please make your voice heard at your representative's office now.

- Kevin S. Curtis, NRDC Action Fund

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