Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tell the Senate: Support the "Save the Internet Act" to restore net neutrality.

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"Support the Save the Internet Act."
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Net neutrality prevents corporations from deciding what we see or do online. It is vital to our movements for equity and civil rights in the digital age. Imagine if you weren't able to receive this very email or take action on issues you care about because your internet service provider deemed this information unworthy of being online.Just one year ago, the Trump administration gutted vital net neutrality protections.Now, Big Telecom is trying to censor us, slow down our service, and impose unfair and high fees. You can do something about this today by telling the Senate to support the Save the Internet Act and restore the free and open internet.
Every day that passes without Congress acting to reinstate net neutrality, the Internet gets more controlled by corporate interests. Democrats in the House of Representatives just fought back by passing the Save the Internet Act. Now, we need to turn up the pressure on the Senate to follow their lead.
Tell the Senate: Support the Save the Internet Act. Click here to sign the petition.
Every issue, from racial justice to climate justice, needs net neutrality.1 But net neutrality gets in the way of Big Telecom's greed, and it's lobbying hard to make sure net neutrality doesn't come back. That's why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to bring the Save the Internet Act up for a vote in the Senate – he wants less equality and more profits for his corporate backers.2
The majority of Americans support net neutrality, and it shows.3 We signed petitions, sent letters, called, and even showed up at our lawmakers' offices to tell them to save the internet.4 Our pressure is working. Just last year, the Senate did the right thing and voted to undo the net neutrality repeal, though their vote was blocked by the Republican-controlled House.5 This year, we pushed Democrats in the House of Representatives to recognize net neutrality as a core issue and pass the Save the Internet Act.6
If we can get the Senate to support the Save the Internet Act, we can win our free and open internet back.This won't be easy. The loss of the open internet was huge and harmful to all of our communities, but champions for civil rights never back down when facing hurdles. This current fight for net neutrality is no different. The Senate has supported net neutrality before. We must push it to support it again and keep the pressure on all members of Congress until they give us back our free and open internet.
Tell the Senate: Support the Save the Internet Act and restore net neutrality.
- Jelani Drew, CREDO Action
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