Friday, February 7, 2020

Tell your AZ legislators: Protect Arizona's groundwater

Protect Arizona's Rivers by protecting our groundwater. 

2 out of every 5 glasses of water in Arizona come from underground water supplies. But in most of the state, these critical groundwater resources are left entirely unprotected.
This means Arizona’s precious flowing rivers are at risk — along with the state’s long-term economic health and the resilience of Arizona’s rural communities.

Take action today, and tell the state legislature: It's time to protect Arizona's groundwater. 

The Arizona Republic's recent serios of articles on "Arizona's Next Water Crisis" exposed the dangers of unregulated groundwater pumping — and highlighted a recent Arizona State University report that warns that groundwater supplies are unlikely to keep up with development in some of Arizona’s biggest cities.

We have no time to waste: More than one-third of Arizona’s perennial river miles have already dried up, largely because of groundwater pumping.

Luckily, it’s a problem we can fix — as long as the state legislature takes action.

More information on Arizona's rivers:

The Gila River Indian Community in Arizona played a critical role in a historic seven-state agreement to conserve water from the Colorado and build a more resilient future in the face of a nearly two-decade drought.

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