Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tell Gov. Ducey & Your State Reps: No Monopolies for Utilities

Ask Gov. Ducey To Veto Power Grab By Monopoly Utilities!

HB2686 building permits; utilities; restrictions; prohibitions (Bowers) is being promoted by Southwest Gas to prohibit action by local government to limit extension of gas lines in areas for new construction and limit gas hookups in new construction. The bill is now on the Governor's desk.

We need strong local democracy that is responsive to protecting citizens. HB2686 restricts the ability of local governments to best meet the needs of their residents. The one size fits all approach proposed by HB2686 limits cities’ and counties’ ability to pursue policies that protect our health and put financial resources back in the hands of local families and businesses.

Building codes that emphasize energy efficiency and appliance standards have consistently saved individuals and families money. The Rocky Mountain Institute found that the upfront costs for new fully electric buildings are as much as 30 percent cheaper than a combination of electricity and natural gas, even in cold climates, such as northern Arizona.

Please support local communities in protecting the health of their residents and ask Governor Ducey to veto HB268

Find Sierra Club Action here. 


Our voices, Our vote for the Arizona Corporation Commission!

Some Arizona Legislators think that the people of Arizona should no longer be able to elect candidates to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the entity that regulates monopoly utilities. They want us to instead agree to allow the Governor to appoint those positions. Please contact your House members today and ask them to vote NO on HCR2041

Weigh in @State Legislature's online Request to Speak System. 

At 11:30 AM Tuesday, February 25th, the Senate Committee on Appropriations at  will consider a strike everything on a energy, consumer protection.

SCR1010 bond elections; technical correction (Gowan) will have a strike-everything added on energy; consumer protection. The striker would refer to the ballot a constitutional amendment to limit cost recovery for renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations. Clearly the Arizona Legislature is interested in getting in the way of progress on clean renewable energy, including that generated on your rooftop. OPPOSE.

If you are signed up for the Request to Speak, login in here. 

If not, find the directions for signing up and navigating the system here.  

There will be future opportunities to weigh in on bills while they are in committee. Check back on Desktop Activist Tucson for more Request to Speak Actions. 

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