Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tell Congress: Stop putting Big Oil before people!

Tell Congress to get their priorities straight and stop putting Big Oil before people!

Oil executives are at it again -- demanding handouts that will let them profit from the pandemic. And unfortunately, Congress is listening. A bipartisan group just introduced a bill that would spend $3 billion on buying oil we don’t need for the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Right now, communities are facing desperate shortages of protective gear, testing kits, ventilators, and more. Congress should be providing funds for those necessities, not stocking up on dirty fuels. By wasting money on stockpiling oil, they’ll be depriving communities of funds that could support long-term recovery.

Tell Congress to get their priorities straight and stop putting polluters before people by signing the following Sierra Club petition found on the link below. Consider leaving a  personal comment for more impact.


The petition reads:

 As we all pull together to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable among us from the coronavirus pandemic, I am concerned about recent legislation proposed to bailout the oil industry. This legislation, introduced by Senator John Hoeven and Representatives Lizzie Fletcher and Michael Burgess, would appropriate $3 billion for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Whether in the form of low-interest loans, purchases into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, royalty relief, or new tax subsidies, I am opposed to any giveaways to corporate polluters. The fossil fuel industry is already heavily subsidized by the federal government. In 2017, researchers showed that about half of the profits enjoyed by the oil and gas industry were derived from tax and royalty subsidies. With over 16 million people out of work, now isn’t the time to be giving handouts to fossil fuel billionaires. Instead of propping up fossil fuel corporations, the economic stimulus package should focus on protections for frontline workers, communities, and the most vulnerable among us. I urge you to oppose this legislation and ensure that it is not included in any economic stimulus package. Together, we can ensure that we have a just and sustainable recovery to COVID-19 -- a recovery that helps strengthen our communities and protect our climate.

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