Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tell your Rep to support the STOP Act to Stop Trump's Oil Payoff!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, oil execs have been relentless in their attempts to profit from the crisis. First, they pushed Congress to spend billions of stimulus dollars on stockpiling oil that the country doesn’t need. Now, they’re asking the government to waive or reduce the royalties they pay for drilling on public lands.

Slashing royalties would cheat taxpayers out of billions in desperately-needed funds -- money that should be going towards protecting people’s health and getting hard-hit communities back on their feet.

In response, Rep. Ilhan Omar just introduced a bill that would block the Trump administration from cutting royalty rates for oil companies. The “Stop Trump's Oil Payoff Act” (STOP) would make sure that crucial funds go towards recovery instead of lining the pockets of Big Oil execs.

Tell your Representative to put people before polluters and support the STOP Act!

-Sierra Club

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