Saturday, March 4, 2017

President signed executive order to remove Clean Water Act protection

First, Congress voted to let coal companies dump their waste into the streams of Appalachia.1

Next, President Trump put someone in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency who has sued the EPA to weaken clean water protections.2

Now the president has signed an executive order to remove Clean Water Act protection for nearly 2 million miles of our nation's streams, a move that will leave Americans with dirtier drinking water.3

But the president can't roll back the Clean Water Act with a single stroke of his pen.

We're prepared to protect the waters we love in the courts, at the EPA and in Congress. The most important thing you can do to help right now is to contact your senators.

Please tell your senators: We want stronger, not weaker, protections for the waters we love and depend upon.

Yes, I'll take action.

President Trump's executive order directs the EPA to "withdraw and reconsider" the Clean Water Rule -- the rule that you helped us win in 2015, one that makes it clear the Clean Water Act protects small streams and wetlands, not just big rivers and lakes.4

The Trump administration calls this protection "burdensome" and "unnecessary."5

Our bottom line: Clean water isn't an unnecessary burden. It's the wellspring of a healthy and thriving America.

Tell our senators to protect the waters we love today.

To me, and I hope to you, this is just common sense. But it's a message our senators need to hear loud and clear -- from you.

The EPA, now being run by President Trump's appointee Scott Pruitt, will now begin the lengthy process of undoing the Clean Water Rule. But we also expect members of Congress to push to overturn it as well. If we can secure 41 votes in the Senate, we can stop them.

Our national network is putting extra effort into a few key states where swing-state senators could go either way.

But we need every senator to hear from us. Supportive senators need to speak out. Senators on the fence need to stand up and be counted. And senators on the other side of this issue need to know you're paying attention.

That's why we're amplifying the voices of all Americans, from Washington state to Washington, D.C. We'll send your petition, along with thousands of others, to our senators by March 17th. 

Add your name to the call today. Tell our senators to stand with us.

Thanks, as always, for making it possible.


Anna Aurilio
Environment America Federal Legislative Director

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