Saturday, March 7, 2020

Request to Speak on Environmental Bills at the State Legislature

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Last week some regressive and harmful legislation advanced in the state legislature - including the endangered species secrecy bill. It is now on Governor Ducey's desk, so please contact him and ask him to veto it. 

Gov. Doug Ducey: (602) 542-4331

This week there are several environmental bills being heard in committee at the State Legislature that you can weigh on at the Request to Speak System. I find it easiest to just do it all at one time so I won't forget those later in the week.  And two important bills are being heard on Thursday: HCR2030 (that weakens our ability to do citizens initiatives)  and HB2880 (that weakens regulations on assured water supply.)

If you are signed up for the Request to Speak, login in here.   

Click on the blue Request to Speak button and then New Requests in the right column. Then paste the bill number. 

If you are not signed up,  find the directions for signing up and navigating the system here.  .
Wednesday, March 11th

Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy at 2:00 P.M. 
  • HB2455 air quality omnibus (Griffin) moves the Voluntary Vehicle Repair and Retrofit program from the counties to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. This is a plus as the program had not been operational in recent years and it helps people fix their cars so they do not pollute as much. Vehicles no longer have to be 12 years or older to qualify for assistance. It reduces the co-pay, raises the cap on costs for ineligibility, and allows ADEQ to focus research on emissions rather than on alternative fuels. SUPPORT.
  • HB2497 lawn equipment emissions reduction program (Dunn: Biasiucci, Finchem, et al.) allows for a $100 voucher for those who replace gasoline mowers with a manual mower. Currently, the voucher is only available for electric mowers. SUPPORT.
Thursday, March 12th

Senate Committee on Judiciary at 9:30 A.M. 

  • HCR2032 initiative; single subject; title (Kern: Allen J, Barto, et al.) refers to the ballot a measure that narrows what can be included in a ballot measure and requires every subject to be in the title. This would make it impossible to place something on the ballot that is comprehensive, including environmental protection measures, and would mean a series of ballot measures. Considering how expensive it is already to propose a measure, this proposal would put the initiative process even further in the hands of only those with the deepest pockets. OPPOSE .
Senate Committee on Water and Agriculture at 10:00 A.M. 
  • HB2880 assured water supply; availability; plats (Roberts: Finchem, Shope) prohibits the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) Director from reviewing the physical availability of groundwater if the application to modify or renew a determination of assured water supply that does not increase the total groundwater, among other things. This is a weakening of the determination of assured water supply. OPPOSE.

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