Wednesday, October 17, 2018

PUBLIC COMMENT DEADLINE OCT. 31: Speak Out Against the EPA's Weak Clean Power Plan Replacement

Clean energy? How would you like to live next to this?

Speak out against the EPA's newly proposed global warming emissions standards that will actually increase pollution.  Submit a public comment by October 31!

The Trump administration is trying to roll back national safeguards that aim to reduce global warming emissions from power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a new plan that would increase global warming emissions, air pollution, illnesses and premature deaths, and even potentially lead to higher energy costs—putting public health and America's growing clean energy economy at risk.

Farcically called the 'Affordable Clean Energy Rule,' this new proposal is anything but. It's clear that the Trump administration is putting the interests of corporate polluters and lobbyists above the interests of the public.

Submit a public comment TODAY before the October 31 deadline to voice your concern for the health of our communities and the need for stronger global warming pollution safeguards.

Just-released findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show that climate impacts and extreme weather events will only intensify unless we transform how we power our lives and transition away from fossil fuels by greatly ramping up energy efficiency and embracing cleaner renewable sources of energy.

We need the government to support an ambitious and science-based plan that reduces global warming emissions from power plants and puts the interests of our communities first.

Write today and urge the EPA to put our nation's health and safety ahead of polluter profits.

- Anusha Narayanan, Climate & Energy Program. Union of Concerned Scientists


  1. I reject the proposed global warming emission standards. Do not rollback the safeguards. My grandchild need clean air!

  2. I agree, Lindy. Thank you. Did you use the link (above) to send that message?)