Friday, October 19, 2018

SUBMIT A PUBLIC COMMENT: Don't let children grow up behind bars.

The Trump administration is now proposing indefinite detention of all children with parents seeking asylum. In a new proposed regulation, the White House is seeking to override the Flores settlement, a court ruling that forbids holding immigrant children in prison settings for longer than 20 days and provides basic minimal protections like a meal schedule, education, and access to legal support. If enacted, this means children could spend months and even years locked away while their cases are being processed—some learning to crawl, walk, and talk behind bars.
Information on submitting a comment:
  • Each public comment needs to be individualized to be counted. This is not a “click and send.” Please take a few moments to personalize your comment by speaking from your heart. Anyone can comment, you do not need to be an expert. You can find more background about the family separation policy here.
  • If you are a professional in a field and can speak to this issue from your area of expertise, please do so. This applies to medical and public health fields, ministers and faith leaders, educators, social workers and therapists, and any other connection you may want to draw on.
  • Public comments matter. They can influence policy. They also become public record and can be used to help upcoming legal challenges  to the proposed rule.
We have until November 6 to organize as many comments as possible. Please spread the word! President Trump must hear that we will not tolerate this violation of human rights, the basic dignities afforded to all, and our nation’s valuesSubmit your comment now.

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