Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tell the Senate: Reject Trump's Social Security pick Andrew Saul

Chief of Social Security? 
Petition to the Senate:
"Andrew Saul is unfit to lead the Social Security Administration. A vote for Saul is a vote against Social Security."
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Trump's pick is unfit to lead the Social Security Administration
Donald Trump just made his utter disregard for seniors and the Social Security Administration completely clear.
Despite years of promises and using seniors as political props, Trump has nominated someone with zero relevant experience as the next commissioner of Social Security.1
In fact, Andrew Saul's only connection to Social Security is that he serves on the board of the Manhattan Institute – a racist, right-wing think tank that pushes for drastic cuts to the program millions of Americans rely upon.2
Saul is unfit to lead the Social Security Administration – but his nomination could come up for a vote soon after the midterm elections. We need to pressure senators to reject this nomination and shine a spotlight on Trump's phony populism.
Saul has more in common with Donald Trump than he does experience on Social Security.
Both Trump and Saul seem to believe being wealthy means they are above the law. Saul was caught allegedly impersonating a police officer in order to escape a trespassing charge. He also dropped out of a congressional race after accepting improper campaign donations.3
Saul, like Trump, also pals around with racists. The Manhattan Institute granted a prestigious platform to notorious racist Charles Murray, who argues that white people are genetically smarter and superior to Black and Latinx people.4
Neither Saul nor Trump care about Social Security. For Trump, the earned benefits that millions of Americans rely on are nothing more than opportunities to launch attacks on Democrats while partnering with Paul Ryan to make cuts. Saul, meanwhile, has zero experience with Social Security – except that the Manhattan Institute thinks Social Security is "too generous" and needs drastic cuts.5
Saul is another unqualified Trump pick - out to make changes that will hurt Americans. We cannot let him lead the Social Security Administration for the next six years.
Tell the Senate: Reject Trump's Social Security pick. Click the link below to sign the petition:
- Josh Nelson, CREDO Action
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