Wednesday, October 31, 2018

NOVEMBER 7th DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS: on Trump's sham review of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone pipeline spilled about 97,000 barrels (410,340 million gallons)  of oil near Amherst, S.D.
Trucks and trains full of pipes slated for Keystone XL have started to arrive in South Dakota and Montana as TransCanada begins pre-construction.

We’ve stopped this pipeline before, and we’ll stop it again. Right now our best opportunity to stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities and stop KXL is for thousands of us to submit a public comment to the state department calling out Trump’s latest sham environmental review of this project before the deadline in 8 days.

Tell the Trump Administration they won’t get away with this sham review: No Keystone XL.

The law requires that these comments are tallied, analyzed, and considered in the final environmental review. We can make our voices opposing this pipeline heard if we have too many signatures for them to ignore.

In August, a federal judge ruled that the federal review of the pipeline was inadequate – so the Trump Administration came back just 37 days later with another rushed job. The Trump Administration's State Department published another hastily-produced "Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)" on Keystone XL that concludes the pipeline would have only "minor" impacts to our land, water, endangered species and Native American sacred sites in Nebraska like the Ponca Trail of Tears. But just last year, the Keystone 1 pipeline spilled more than 200,000 gallons of dirty oil in South Dakota.

We can't let the Trump administration re-write the facts about the harm Keystone XL would do to the climate and communities. Submit a comment now.

There are only 8 days left before the deadline. This fight is about to ramp up, but we’re ready. There are three active lawsuits, 17,000+ people ready to take peaceful action in solidarity with Indigenous communities on the route if called upon, and a strong coalition led by Indigenous leaders that’s prepared to take on whatever comes.


Dear Mike Pompeo, 

I am writing to state my opposition to TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tarsands pipeline.

Your approval of a federal permit for Keystone XL was based on a stale environmental review from 2014, in clear violation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement relies on outdated and incorrect data to draw conclusions that the pipeline would have only "minor" or "negligible" impacts on the land, water, sacred sites and endangered species in its path.

Additionally, the current proposed highly-expedited review schedule for the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is insufficient, and additional public hearings must be scheduled to accommodate all affected communities on the pipeline route whose voices must be heard.

Keystone XL would be game over for the climate – and we must stop it with everything we’ve got.


Folks who are submitting comments should keep in mind the number of signatures doesn’t mean anything in terms of NEPA. Petitions don’t count either. Substantive comments are what matter and simply opposing the project won’t be considered in the final SEIS and nor does it have to be under the law. 10,000 submissions of the same form letter count as one comment, and if it’s only a letter of general opposition, it counts for nothing. For public input to really make a difference, one needs to identify weaknesses in the review process or specific alternatives to the proposed action that weren’t considered. Unfortunately NEPA isn’t a democracy and submitting a public comment isn’t the same as casting a vote.

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