Monday, May 20, 2019

Ask Arizona Corporation Commission to increase current renewable energy standard & energy efficiency standards

Ask the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to increase the current renewable energy standard and energy efficiency standards and to actually require that utilities meet them.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to send a message to the ACC in support of requiring 50% clean renewable energy in Arizona by 2028! The current standard of 15% electricity from renewable sources by 2025 is far too low and well below our neighboring states. We also are supporting an increase of the energy efficiency standard to 35% by 2030, an increase of 15% about the current 20% by 2020 standard.

For more information on this and how you can help, contact Sandy Bahr at (602) 253-8633 or

The Sierra Club Energy Program is going to be making a presence at an important upcoming ACC Staff meeting at the Arizona Corporation Commission this Wednesday, where they'll be deciding on whether our Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Standards will be "goals" or real standards, and what that standard (we hope) will be. This will be affecting the rules they are setting now, which will govern Tucson Electric Power's ongoing Rate Case.

We are looking to have a few Tucson people come to Phoenix with us for the meeting, if available, that afternoon, in solidarity with Tucson's clean energy interests. I will be personally be driving up a carpool and I do have a couple more seats open. We will be leaving around 11:30am and returning by 8pm, though hopefully sooner, depending on the proceedings of the ACC open meeting just prior.
Please get in touch with me if you're interested, by office or cell number, listed below.

- Catalina Ross, Energy Coordinator
Sierra Club || Grand Canyon Chapter
Office: 520.867.8683
Cell: 520.312.2849
More reasons for transitioning to clean energy:

It's a social justice issue...

South Tucson disproportionately suffers the consequences of fossil fuel pollution as it is home to all of the dirty industries in that city, including the refurbished gas-fired H. Wilson Sundt Generating Station, which used to burn coal, plus a Superfund site. As a consequence, its Latino community, especially the young, is plagued by pollution-related illnesses, such as asthma and other respiratory issues. Transitioning to clean energy is vital for this area.

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