Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tell Chase: Stop financing fossil fuels

Next week, one of the largest banks in the world -- JPMorgan Chase -- will meet with its investors. We’ll be there on their doorstep with activists from all over the country with one clear demand: stop financing climate catastrophe!

Chase is the #1 banker of fossil fuel projects in the world. That means you can thank them for the floods, fires and storm damage you and your neighbors have experienced in recent years. And it’s getting worse - fast.

We have less than 12 years to slam on the brakes before we reach catastrophic levels of climate change. The only way to achieve that is to immediately STOP investing in any new fossil fuel projects. Tell Chase to STOP bankrolling the climate disaster NOW.

There’s no time to waste, and our message has never been more urgent. We have less than a week to reach our goal of delivering 25,000 messages directly to Chase and its investors.

Just this week, UN scientists announced that we are on the verge of a mass extinction crisis over the next 30 years - and that WE will all be impacted. Chase can’t ignore these alarm bells - and neither can we.

Chase’s annual shareholder meeting is a place where the company lays out its vision for the coming year, talks about their last year of business, and forecasts the finances of the company. It’s the perfect place for us to announce that business as usual is OVER.

We know that Chase isn’t planning to talk about climate change at their annual meeting, so we’re bringing your voice, and thousands like yours, to be sure their shareholders hear you loud and clear.

Sign on to our public letter calling on Chase bank to #DefundClimateChange.

There’s no time left to lose: the time is now to end financing of fossil fuels. The power is ours to make a difference.

- Ruth Breech. Rainforest Action Network

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