Tuesday, March 19, 2019

ACT NOW: Block ex-oil lobbyist Bernhardt's appointment as Secretary of the Interior

Stop oily Bernhardt! 
The Senate is poised to vote on former oil lobbyist David Bernhardt’s confirmation as official Interior secretary. His hearing committee is scheduled for next week.

As acting secretary, Bernhardt has shown that he’s more interested in serving the interests of the oil companies that he used to lobby for, like Halliburton, than those of the American people.

He has pushed for oil drilling off America’s coasts and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge … advocated for rolling back the Endangered Species Act … weakened limits on climate-busting methane for oil and gas companies … and supported dismantling our national monuments.

The Interior secretary oversees around one-fifth of this country's total landmass, including all of the oil, natural gas, and coal beneath the ground on federal lands. The secretary also plays a critical role in protecting our oceans and coastal waters. It's a role too important to the future of this country to hand off to a polluter ally like Bernhardt without a fight.

Together we've shown time and time again that public pressure makes an impact — including forcing former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to resign.We must mobilize a massive outcry in opposition to this dangerous nomination.

Take action NOW by urging your senators to vote NO on Bernhardt’s confirmation — and tell them that we won’t stop fighting to protect our public lands, oceans, and wildlife.

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