Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tell Congress: Protect Science and Conservation Funding

Science is not a partisan issue. And it holds the key to solving our biggest environmental challenges.

No matter what the next round of budget battles will hold, we need to speak out so science funding doesn't quietly end up on the chopping block.

Tell Congress that you want strong funding for the vital scientific programs we need for a brighter future. Take action and send your message now!

We have a responsibility to stand up for just how critical science is at this make-or-break moment for our Earth. Because the past two proposed budgets from the Administration included devastating cuts — from slashing the EPA Office of Research and Development budget in half, to completely eliminating funding for UN climate change research and NOAA coastal and marine research.

With the help of people like you who speak out, we've been able to limit some of the most severe proposals over the past two years. But we cannot ease up now. Without critical scientific programs, our nation will fall behind — and more natural treasures will be lost forever.

Speak out for science funding. Act now — please don't wait.

Show your conviction that we can create a world in which people and nature thrive — but only if our nation makes scientific evidence and continued investing in innovative research and technology a priority.

Send your message to your representatives in Congress now

- Shiloh Stark, The Nature Conservancy 

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Subject: Protect Conservation Funding

Congress must act to preserve funding for essential conservation and environmental protection efforts to strengthen our economy, create jobs, protect clean air and water, and preserve the unique natural legacy that is essential to our nation's future.

Undermining conservation doesn't just hurt wildlife and our natural treasures, it harms local communities, our health, and our national economy. Natural resources and outdoor recreation are a fundamental foundation of the American economy. They create billions of dollars in annual revenue, and millions of jobs.

Federal funding is essential to meeting our responsibilities as stewards of this planet and our country's valuable natural wonders. I urge you to commit to this stewardship by protecting federal funding for conservation and science efforts in final budget appropriations.

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