Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Politics than My Other Blogs Can Handle

I started my first blog, Reel Inspiration, to promote diverse films with substance. Back then I had a strict policy to stay away from politics. But as things started to heat up in the world, I found myself drawn to films about the important issues of our times. I started seeking out movies to review that allowed me to express my thoughts about what was going on in the world. Some of those issues snuck into the writing/storytelling blog I share with my mom, Rag-looms and Heirlooms. Then my husband Dan and I started getting into sustainability and water harvesting. So naturally, Sustainable Living Tucson follows our journey from a normal consumer life style to a more sustainable one. But I found myself posting more and more on Facebook about fracking or Nestle bottling Arizona’s CAP water in a drought or protesting Tucson Electric for its war on solar or the Water Protectors standing up to the Dakota Access Pipeline. That led to sharing petitions and contact information for our representatives to protest the pipeline or Trump’s latest cabinet picks.

I like to think of myself as a desktop activist: keeping my friends abreast of what is happening in Standing Rock or in the White House, writing or calling our representatives, sharing my e-mails and contact information with my Facebook friends.

In these changing times, it has become increasingly important to remain politically active, stay informed, hold our politicians accountable, and keep on top of our representatives to make sure they are representing our best interests. I needed a place where I could blog about my actions as a desktop activist, share my thoughts on what is happening in our country, and post calls to action and updates. More politics than my other little blogs could handle! So, I finally started a fourth blog – Desktop Activist Tucson.

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