Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Speak Up for Fair Electric Rates in and Around Tucson!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
10:00 a.m.
Room 222, Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
400 West Congress, 2nd Floor, Tucson

Please attend this meeting of the ACC tomorrow in Tucson, and sign up to give public comment! Below are some suggested talking points.

NOTE: This session will cover “Phase 1” of the TEP and Trico rate cases, which includes the proposed fixed fees and rates, but not rooftop solar issues. Rooftop solar issues will be considered during “Phase 2,” within the next several months.

  • Under TEP’s plan, customers would have to pay a 70% increase in the monthly fixed charge, no matter how much electricity they use. Trico is even worse, proposing to raise their monthly fixed charge from $15 to $24! That’s unfair. An administrative law judge (ALJ) for the ACC recently issues a Recommended Opinion and Order (ROO) suggesting a 30% increase in TEP’s fixed monthly charge. This is also unfair. Please don’t increase the fixed charge.

  • Customers would be unable to do anything to reduce that additional fixed cost.
  • In other jurisdictions, they charge customers in a better way. Fixed charges are much lower. Customers are charged more based on how much electricity they use instead of a fixed amount.

  • Billing based on how much energy is actually used is a fairer way to bill. It allows customers to save money when they do basic things such as turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat up or down. That’s why most utility companies have low fixed charges.

  • Usually when you pay more for something, you get better service in return. But under this proposal, TEP is not expanding additional services that might, for example, make it easier for people to control the costs of their electric bills.
  • TEP is requesting a 7% increase on rates.  I wish I could go into work and request a 7% raise.  Please don’t let them raise their rates this high.  I won’t be able to afford it. Electricity rates are already too high for those with limited and fixed incomes. Let’s not make a bad situation worse with a rate increase and increase in fixed charges.

  • The ACC can help to make sure Arizona continues toward a clean energy future:
    • Please oppose the $2/month second meter charge for TEP solar customers.
    • Please keep intact net metering to ensure that those who install solar are fairly compensated for electricity they generate for their neighbors. I understand this will be considered during Phase 2, but I want to make sure the ACC understands that I support fairly compensating rooftop solar customers for electricity they generate.

  • The Commission should keep fixed charges low to encourage energy efficiency and limit harm to those on low and fixed incomes and keep policies to encourage rooftop solar.

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Utility @TEPenergy raising the monthly fixed charge by 70% for all customers, discouraging energy efficiency. @CorpCommAZ just say no!

Utility @TEPenergy time to end attacks on rooftop solar, low-income customers, & energy efficiency. Invest in Tucson's clean energy future!

Ask @CorpCommAZ to tell @TEPenergy to commit to future powered by clean energy, energy efficiency & fair rates. Don't increase fixed charge.

Utility @TEPenergy should be a leader. Don't increase fixed charges. $84 more per year b4 flipping a light switch is a lot to many customers

The @CorpCommAZ needs to listen to @TEPenergy customers who are saying DO NOT INCREASE THE MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGE @utilityreporter

Utility @TEPenergy wants 70% increase in monthly charge w/out anything in return for customers. Bad idea. @utilityreporter @CorpCommAZ

Residents of @cityoftucsonaz want fair utility rates that don't harm low-income customers, support solar, & save energy & water @CorpCommAZ

Fixed monthly charges on electric bills should be limited – a 70% increase is huge! @TEPenergy why so much? What more are customers getting?

Dan Millis
Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter
Program Organizer, Borderlands and Beyond Coal

@SC_Borderlands / @AZBeyondCoal

(520) 620-6401 dan.millis@sierraclub.org
738 N. 5th Ave. #214, Tucson, AZ 85705

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