Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nudging Mom to fight for her health care.

I just sent this e-mail to my mom (who doesn't like political posts on her page.) lol Notice the large print. 

Mom, I thought you might be interested since Dad is dependent on drugs for his health. 

If you click the link, it will ask for your zip and give you the number to your representative in MO. 

Just say:

"I am Lorna (last name) from Lebanon, MO. I am calling to ask my representative to vote no on Tom Price. This drug corporation insider shouldn't be in control of our health care." 

It's not that hard.




Republicans are still scrambling on health care. We quite literally have them running out of town halls from California to Illinois to Texas. But we won’t let them duck their duty to serve us, their constituents. We’re going to keep fighting for quality, affordable health care for all.

Our calls and letters gave Democrats the backbone to stall confirmation of drug corporation insider Tom Price, Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services. With a vote expected tomorrow in the Senate, we need one more big push to tell our senators that we won’t stand for Price.

Tell your senators to vote "no" on Tom Price. This drug corporation insider shouldn’t be in control of our health care.
Health care costs are people’s biggest concern nationwide, according to a new Monmouth University poll. Across the board, people want corporations to stop charging out-of-reach amounts for life-saving prescription drugs.

Tom Price lined his pockets with drug corporation money. Now his boss, Donald Trump, is walking back his campaign promise to negotiate lower prices with drug corporations. Trump met with drug corporation lobbyists and says he’ll give them lower taxes instead.

Call your senator now. Say: vote "no" on Tom Price. He wants to dismantle our health care. We need care, not chaos.
We know whose side Tom Price and Donald Trump are on. They want to dismantle the health care programs our families count on, from Medicaid and Medicare to the Affordable Care Act. Their haphazard plans are already threatening chaos for all of us.

We want care for every person in our country, not chaos. That’s why we’re putting the heat on politicians who put corporations above people. Let’s keep the pressure on and show the best of our country. We deserve better than drug corporation insider Tom Price.

Thank you for being a health care champion!

Sarah Chaisson-Warner
People’s Action

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