Friday, February 24, 2017

State House passed bills that create barriers to placing initiatives on ballots

"Despite our efforts, all of the bills that will profoundly restrict your direct democracy in Arizona, passed the State House last night. These bills are going to create barriers for voters who want to put initiatives on the ballot, and they completely undermine voters' power by allowing the Legislature to change or repeal initiatives even though voters already approved them.

We cannot allow these bills to pass the Senate too. This aggressive attack on your constitutional right to direct democracy cannot stand. We appreciate all of your help on this. Please take a minute to call these key legislators if you’re in their district and tell them to vote AGAINST HCR2002, HCR2007, HB2404, HB2255, HCR2029, and HB2320."

Call these legislators NOW:

Frank Pratt, LD 8 (602) 926-5761
Katie Brophy McGee, LD 28 (602) 926-4486
Steve Yarbrough, LD 17 (602) 926-5863
Kimberly Yee, LD 20 (602) 926-3024
Judy Burges, LD 22 (602) 926-5861
Nancy Barto, LD 15 (602) 926-5766
Steve Montenegro, LD 13 (602) 926-5955
David Farnsworth, LD 16 (602) 926-3020
Sylvia Allen, LD 6 (602) 926-5409
Bob Worsley, LD 25 (602) 926-5760

Call today — your voice makes a difference and we need your help to win this fight.

— Katie O'Connell, People for the American Way

To find your district, use the district locator:

To find out who your senator is:

I just looked up my district: 9 and senator: Steve Farley and asked him to oppose the bills that prohibit new initiatives on the ballot. (602) 926-3022

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