Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to restore net neutrality!

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The fight to protect net neutrality isn’t over. Trump’s FCC got rid of the rules that protect net neutrality -- but Congress can reverse that change using the Congressional Review Act.

Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that he’ll force a vote on reinstating net neutrality protections.(1) A number of Republicans have at least claimed to support net neutrality in the past. So it may be tough to win this vote -- but not impossible.

Either way, the vote will keep this issue alive and put members of Congress on record: do they support Trump’s attack on the open Internet? That sets the stage for us to make this a campaign issue in 2018 and win the majority we need to truly protect net neutrality. Will you sign our petition calling on Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to restore net neutrality?

Tell your members of Congress to block Trump’s FCC from destroying net neutrality.

The Congressional Review Act is a powerful tool that allows Congress to undo any regulation within 60 days of the regulation's passing. Congress must now pass a "resolution of disapproval" through both houses of Congress.(2) If it passes with enough votes to overcome a presidential veto, the FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality will be overturned.

The FCC's repeal of net neutrality protections won’t go into effect for another two months. We just lost an important battle -- but it’s important to remember that in the history of the fight to protect net neutrality, we’ve beaten the odds over and over again when unexpected numbers of people from across the political spectrum get involved, changing the political calculus.

If enough people keep pressuring Congress, Republicans will start to fear being on the wrong side of public opinion on yet another issue. And if the telecom companies continue to see a massive public outcry, they’ll be more cautious about how quickly they start destroying the open Internet.

We may need to regain majorities in Congress -- and perhaps the presidency -- to afford net neutrality the protection it truly deserves. But we can keep the issue alive until then, and use it to help us win.

Join us in calling on Congress to overturn the FCC’s attack on net neutrality. We’ll follow up to let you know about other ways you can help increase the pressure.

Tell Congress to restore net neutrality and help save the open Internet.

- William Winters, Courage Campaign Super PAC

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