Friday, January 12, 2018

TAKE ACTION: Don't let this climate denier be the top environmental adviser


Among the long list of polluter-funded lobbyists President Trump has nominated to serve in the White House and in other positions across the federal government, one stands above the rest.

Her name is Kathleen Hartnett White, and she’s been nominated to head the Council on Environmental Quality, where she would serve as the president’s top advisor on the environment.

We can’t trust someone who has a history of siding with polluters to protect public health. Tell your senator to REJECT Kathleen Hartnett White’s nomination for chair of the White House CEQ.

As chair of the CEQ, White would hold the highest environmental post in government. She would be charged with advising the president on the most important environmental issues facing our nation, as well as with oversight and implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process across the entire federal government.

As an extreme climate-denier who has spent her entire career trying to undermine renewable energy and such commonsense safeguards for our environment and public health as the Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act and NEPA—the very laws the White House CEQ is responsible for assuring that federal agencies comply with—Kathleen Harnett White can’t be trusted to lead such a critical agency, not to mention an agency whose mission she so clearly does not believe in.

The nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White is clearly an attempt to roll back nearly 50 years of environmental safeguards. It sends a signal that protecting the health of communities across the country is not a priority for this administration.

If confirmed, she would bring a clear bias in favor of industry and would undermine implementation of the bedrock environmental laws that protect our nation’s clean air and water, wildlife, wildlands and public health.

Tell your senators to REJECT Kathleen Hartnett White’s nomination. The health and safety of our communities are not negotiable. Everyone has the right to live, work, learn and play in communities where the air is safe to breathe and the water is safe to drink.

- Raul Garcia, Legislative Counsel, Earthjustice 

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