Monday, August 6, 2018

Tell Congress: Let Medicare negotiate drug prices

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"Lower prescription drug prices and crack down on Big Pharma monopolies by supporting  the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act."
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Resist Trump's Big Pharma scam
Rep. Lloyd Doggett and more than 80 Democrats, on the other hand, have introduced a bill taking on Big Pharma and authorizing Medicare to negotiate discounts – and they need our help.
Big Pharma repeatedly threatens to take medicine off the market if the government starts negotiating discounts. These callous threats are enough to make many Americans nervous. But the new Democratic bill has real teeth – if Big Pharma refuses to negotiate in good faith, the government could issue a license to a competitor to produce a generic version of the drug.
Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs of anywhere in the world. In fact, we not only pay high prices for desperately needed medication, but our tax dollars also pay for the research that makes Big Pharma so rich. No wonder permitting negotiation is so popular.
Tell Congress to let Medicare negotiate drug prices. Click below to sign the petition:
- Josh Nelson, CREDO Action
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