Thursday, March 22, 2018

Act Now: Oppose Trump's Border Wall Budget - disguised as "flood levees"

Monsoon runoff toppled this section of border fence, sending debris-
filled floodwater down Ephriam canyon and into yards and homes.
Credit: Nogales International 

You can stop Trump from getting his border wall! For more than a year, the Sierra Club along with other environmental groups have kept Donald Trump from building his pet border wall by convincing Democratic leadership in Congress to vote NO on the funding required to build it. Now there is a key government funding bill with a Friday deadline in which $1.6 billion is given to Trump for dozens of miles of new wall, disguised as a 'flood levee' for Texas.

Please call Senators Chuck Schumer at (202) 224-6542 and Dick Durbin at (202) 224-2152 ASAP to say NO to the wall and to refute the bogus claim that border walls would work as levees. Border walls actually make floods worse!

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In a rush to avoid another government shutdown, members of Congress have proposed an omnibus deal that fortunately falls short of Trump’s outrageous requests to fully fund his wall, but still includes $1.6 billion for border walls along the U.S.- Mexico border. A significant portion of the funding is designated for 33 miles of new barriers that can be built as levee-walls or existing “bollard fence. Levee-walls and bollard fences have created flooding disasters in border states, blocked wildlife migration and posed harm to communities.

Importantly, a funding limitation specifies that new wall cannot be constructed in the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, but unfortunately, still leaves other natural areas like the National Butterfly Center and communities of people in the area at risk.

In response, Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign Co-Chair Scott Nicol released the following statement:

“This omnibus deal fails to protect Dreamers, while funding a dangerous and divisive border wall that will have detrimental effects on our Southwest communities. While it preserves the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge for the time being, it still risks people and places nearby. The threats are still very real and will be felt by communities."

“This wall is much more than a racist campaign soundbite. It comes with dangerous health and safety waivers. Foregoing these bedrock and bipartisan laws has resulted in flooding in places like Nogales where people lost their lives, the destruction of Native American burial sites and the harm of dozens of endangered species and fragmented habitat. Most concerningly, there is zero accountability or consequence for these outcomes."

“It makes no sense to spend nearly $2 billion on an unnecessary and cruel border wall. We will continue to stand against this wall and attacks on immigrants.”

Then, send a tweet to them at: @SenSchumer and @SenatorDurbin. 
  • Don't be fooled, @SenSchumer and @Senator Durbin, what @RealDonaldTrump calls a 'levee' is his wall in disguise! #NoBorderWall
  • The majority of Americans and border residents oppose a #BorderWall. @Senator Durbin and @SenSchumer must stay strong in opposing all of the @RealDonaldTrump border wall boondoggles!
  • #NoBorderWall - Don't waste billions on racist walls! @SenSchumer @SenatorDurbin
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