Tuesday, March 27, 2018

QUICK RESPONSE ACTION: Register your opposition to the unconstitutional amendment to HCR 2017

This afternoon at 2 p.m., the Senate Appropriations Committee will be holding a hearing on HCR2017.  My state senator Steve Farley (from district 9) is on that committee, so I e-mailed him this morning. (See below.) There is still time for you to write your senator (if they are on the committee) and/or register your opposition on the Request to Speak system before the meeting.

Find directions for Request to Speak here:


My previous blog includes the contact information for the senators on that committee and how to find out what district you are in: 


Feel free to use my e-mail as a starting point. But, please, rewrite it a bit leaving out that you met with him at Environmental Day if you didn't. It would also be great if you can show solidarity by adding: "As a member (or supporter) of the Environmental Advocacy Group..." We want him to be aware that there is a growing group of us supporting his actions to protect the environment. 

Note: If you have a Republican senator, you might want to tell them that you value the initiative process guaranteed by the Arizona Constitution and urge them to oppose the amendment on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. 

Dear Senator Farley,

When we met with you in your office during Environmental Day, I promised to put together a group of sustainability advocates who would support your actions in protecting our enviroment. I have since put together that group and I'm proud to say that it is growing every day.  

Today I am writing to show our support of your opposition to HCR 2017. As you know, Senator John Kavanagh offered a strike-everything amendment to HCR 2017 that proposes a constitutional amendment nearly identical to the “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona” initiative, but with a loophole that would allow the Corporation Commission to not actually increase the renewable energy standards. Under HCR 2017, the Corporation Commission would NOT be bound to enforce higher renewable energy standards and we find that unacceptable. In addition, that amendment is obviously designed to confuse voters. Even its name is nearly identical to the original initiative's. This kind of underhanded trick shows total contempt for the initiative process detailed in our state constitution. 

I wanted to let you know that your constituents are paying attention and we find this kind of trickery unacceptable and the amendment unconstitutional. 

Thank you for your support of sound environmental policies and initiatives. 

Jana Segal
Sustainable Tucson Environmental Advocacy Group


Sen. Farley's e-mail: sfarley@azleg.gov

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