Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tell AZ Legislators to support the Arizona-Grown Fruit and Vegetable Incentive Bill

"The Arizona-Grown Fruit and Vegetable Incentive Bill is a win for farmers, a win for families, and a win for local economies." Doesn't that sound like something great? A bill in our state legislature that provides an incentive for Arizona-Grown Fruits and Vegetables! This bill, SB1245, provides funds to double the value of SNAP dollars (aka food stamps) when used in farmers markets for Arizona-grown produce. Good for healthy eating and good for local farmers!

The bill passed in the state Senate and will be heard in the House Health and Human Health Committee on Thursday morning (March 15) at 9 a.m. Please -- contact the members of House Health and Human Health Committee (who can be found on the AZ Legislature website) tell them that we need SB1245!

You can also register your position on Request to Speak before the hearing on Thursday, March 15th at 9 a.m. 

If you're signed up for Request to Speak sign in here:

If you've signed up for Request to Speak, this is your opportunity to put it to good use. You can register your position Request to Speak anytime that a bill is on the agenda to be heard in committee. Signing up for Request to Speak doesn't mean that you speak in person at the committee meeting. It means that you register your position "For, Neutral or Against" the bill on the system. Your position will become a part of the public record. 

If you don't haven't, please, sign up for Request to Speak. If you don't get it in time for today's hearing, you will be prepared for the next Request to Speak action.

To request a Request to Speak account:

Find more info and talking (or emailing) points about this bill on the Let's Grow Arizona website:

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