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Tell Congress: Block and resist the Trump budget (an attack on the poor, children and the enviroment)

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"Block and resist the Trump budget. It is an immoral attack on the poor and essential programs like the EPA, State Department, women’s health, Medicaid and Head Start combined with a tax handout for the ultra-wealthy and subsidies for war-profiteering defense contractors."
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Tell Congress: Block and resist the Trump budget
Donald Trump is waging war on immigrants. He is waging war on women. And his latest budget is a grotesque reminder that he is also waging all-out war on people living in poverty.
Budgets are moral documents. They lay out an administration’s priorities and describe its vision for the country. It no surprise that Trump’s vision is a nightmare.
Trump’s budget is an unconscionable attack on the poor with handouts for the super-rich and defense contractors.1 It supercharges cuts to programs that help people navigate and overcome poverty – and doubles down on Republicans’ racist, classist attempts to blame people living in poverty for their situation and reward the people and systems that have institutionalized poverty for millions of Americans. We need to make sure it is dead on arrival in Congress.
Medicaid, the Environmental Protection Agency, Head Start, education, housing assistance, women’s health – all of these programs and agencies face devastating cuts.The Trump budget includes more than 40 percent cuts to programs that make America stronger, healthier, better-educated and more prosperous, while funneling close to $1 trillion to war-profiteering defense contractors.2
The Trump budget would:
  • Attack the poor. It would cut SNAP benefits – already only $1.40 per person per meal – by more than a quarter, steal health care from millions by cutting Medicaid and Obamacare subsidies, rob funding from Head Start and evict millions by slashing housing assistance at a time of out-of-control rents.3 Trump has even suggested dictating what low-income families should eat by replacing already-meager food stamps with a box of processed or canned food.4
  • Weaken America. Environmental Protection Agency safeguards, State Department diplomacy, FBI law enforcement, Labor Department protections, National Science Foundation research, Planned Parenthood health care and National Institutes of Health cures would all face huge funding cuts. Almost every domestic program would lose funding – even infrastructure spending, despite the Trump administration’s false promises.5
  • Benefit Wall Street and defense contractors. Only the ultra-wealthy and war-profiteering corporations who make billions entirely off of our tax dollars would benefit from this outrageous proposal. The budget includes more than $777 billion in new defense spending and $550 billion in new tax handouts.6
We cannot allow this nightmarish vision for America to become the new normal. Without a massive public outcry, the Trump budget might lower expectations for all future budgets even if none of it becomes law. We can’t let that happen.
The Trump budget makes it clear that only the ultra-wealthy and war-profiteering defense contractors matter in his eyes – women, children, people of color, immigrants, the environment and every person who struggles to make ends meet are on their own. It is a nightmarish and immoral vision for an America that is sicker, poorer, more endangered and less innovative.
The Trump budget is an even more devastating version of the Ryan budgets that CREDO members have fought for years.7 We cannot allow the Trump-Ryan vision for the future of America to become the new normal standard in Washington – we need to speak out now.
Tell Congress: Block and resist the Trump budget. Click here to sign the petition:
- Josh Nelson, CREDO Action
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