Friday, March 23, 2018

Ask Gov. Ducey to veto HB2005 an anti-clean energy, unconstitutional bill promoted by APS!

This was the last week for hearing bills in most committees. What that often means, and certainly was true this week, is that it was strike-everything amendment madness, a tried and true way to resurrect bad ideas or introduce bad bills with little or no time for public scrutiny.

The APS drafted strike-everything amendment on HB2005 advanced through both houses, again along party lines, and is on the Governor's desk. The bill is pretty clearly unconstitutional due to its infringement on the constitutional authority of the Arizona Corporation Commission and per the Senate Rules Attorney. Still, they ignored her and passed it along. HB2005 public service corporations; penalties seeks to undermine and effectively preempt enforcement of the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona initiative (50% renewable energy by 2030).

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