Monday, March 26, 2018

ACTION ALERT: APS Wants You to Be Confused


Here we go again. APS and their supporters at the Capitol are back with another proposal to subvert the initiative process and confuse voters. Late last week, HCR2017 was subject to a strike-everything amendment, offered by Senator John Kavanagh.

HCR2017 would now propose a constitutional amendment virtually identical to the “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona” initiative, but with a loophole that would allow the Corporation Commission to not actually increase the renewable energy standards. That's right, under HCR2017, the Corporation Commission would NOT be bound to enforce higher renewable energy standards.

The amendment is purely designed to confuse voters. Even its name is nearly identical to the initiative's. This kind of dirty trick is absolutely shameless, and again shows total contempt for the initiative process.

HCR2017 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee tomorrow. If you live in any of the members' districts, please give them a call to voice your opinion. If you aren’t sure which district you live in, you can find out here.

John Kavanagh (Chair)
LD 23
(602) 926-5170
Warren Peterson (Vice Chair)
LD 17
(602) 926-4136
Karen Fann
LD 1
(602) 926-5874
Sonny Borrelli
LD 5
(602) 926-5051
Sylvia Allen
LD 6
(602) 926-5409
Steve Smith
LD 11
(602) 926-5685
Olivia Cajero Bedford
LD 3
(602) 926-5835
Steve Farley
LD 9
(602) 926-3022
Katie Hobbs
LD 24
(602) 926-5325
Martin Quezada
LD 29
(602) 926-5911
Use the legislature's Request to Speak system to log in and voice your opinion on these bills. If you don't have a Request to Speak account yet, sign up for one here.
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More information:
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