Friday, March 30, 2018

Don't Let AZ Legislature Block Clean Energy

Ask your state senator to Vote NO on HCR2017!

HCR2017 is a cynical attempt to confuse voters and stop clean energy from advancing and once again it is coming forward as a last-minute strike-everything amendment. It would refer to the ballot a measure with a name that is nearly identical to the citizen initiative. It is called the “Clean and Affordable Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment” versus the citizen initiative “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment.” It also includes some similar language, but unfortunately also includes language that would allow the Arizona Corporation Commission to do nothing relative to advancing clean energy.

This unconscionable measure is again being pushed by the largest monopoly utility in the state, Arizona Public Service (APS). It is an entity that can only be held accountable by the ACC, the courts, and the people, and now the legislature is proposing to undercut our ability to do that.

Clean energy is affordable, reliable, and resilient. Unfortunately, these utilities do not view it that way and they fail to consider the clean air, clean water, and climate benefits provided by solar and wind.

HCR2017's strike-everything amendment is a recipe to do nothing and that is the last thing that we need. Renewable energy is a key part of our states future. It can help to sustain our economy and protect our air and water, but the legislature and the utilities need to get out of the way for that to happen.

Please send a message to your senator and add why you want to see more clean energy in Arizona.

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