Monday, April 30, 2018

Tell your reps: Support bill to fund doubling of SNAP dollars at farmers markets

SB1245, the Arizona-grown fruit and vegetable incentive bill, is in budget discussions. Arizona legislators will most likely finalize the budget within the next few days, and we need your help as we urge them to keep SB1245 a priority.

This bill to fund doubling of SNAP dollars at Farmers Markets is a win for Arizona families, creating more opportunity to eat healthy local produce. It's a win for Arizona farmers growing and selling fresh, healthy produce (generally organic). It's a win for the Arizona economy -- more dollars supporting our local food system.

Fill out this form to ask your Representatives and Senators to make this important bill a reality for Arizona's farmers, families, and future. Because this process in now moving quickly, we ask that you send your email as soon as possible.

Click here to learn more about the budgeting process, and please stay tuned for any further updates and calls to action!

Take action to support Arizona farmers, families, and local economies! Send an email with one click to ask your legislators to fund #SB1245. #LetsGrowAZ

Meanwhile at capital hill...

Republicans Are Trying to Sneak Through Cuts to Food Assistance into the Farm bill. 

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