Wednesday, May 2, 2018

ACTION ALERT: Redistricting Attack on the House Floor

The redistricting bill, SCR 1034, is back in the House today. SCR 1034 overhauls Arizona's Independent Redistricting Commission - what is considered a national model for creating fair maps.

The bill also contains one technical-sounding provision that could make it harder for communities of color (especially tribal voters) to have fair representation at the State Capitol. You can get more details on this provision HERE or HERE.

With that provision still in the bill, AZAN remains strongly opposed to this bill and is currently working with members to stop this 11th-hour power-grab. But we can't do it alone.

Please contact your legislators and ASK THEM TO VOTE NO ON SCR 1034. If you don't know who your Representatives are, you can find out here.

We will keep you updated as we can on this bill today, for immediate updates you can follow us on Twitter @AZAdvocacy.

- Arizona Advocacy Network

UPDATE: Call Speaker Mesnard right now and tell him to stop SCR 1034.

Call Rep. JD Mesnard NOW: (415) 636-8988

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is ___ and I'm a concerned Arizona resident calling to ask Speaker Mesnard to stop SCR1034, the redistricting bill. This bill would undermine our independent redistricting commission and make our elections less fair. Speaker Mesnard should be focusing on maximizing our state's investments in education, not passing a bill that will make it even harder for ordinary people to have their voices heard.

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