Monday, May 21, 2018

Tell the House: Save net neutrality

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The petition to the House of Representatives reads:
"Save net neutrality. Support the Joint Resolution of Disapproval overturning the Federal Communications Commission's reversal of the 2015 Open Internet rules."
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Tell the House: Save net neutrality
Last week, the Senate voted to protect net neutrality. Now it's all up to the House.
Rep. Mike Doyle has filed a petition calling for a vote to overrule Trump's FCC and save net neutrality.1 But we need a majority of our representatives in the House to join him – or the vote won't ever happen.
Big Telecom lobbyists think their grip on our political system is so strong that we can't win, but this movement keeps surprising them. With enough pressure, we can do it again.
When Trump's FCC voted to kill the open internet, they ignored millions of Americans to give Big Telecom control of what we say and do online.
But this fight isn't over. Thanks to the Congressional Review Act, Congress can review new regulations and overrule them by passing a joint resolution of disapproval. The Senate passed that resolution last week. So far, 90 House representatives have already signed on to call for a vote on the resolution – and more than 160 have indicated their support.2,3
Trump's FCC chairman has shown that he is in the pocket of big telecom companies. But unlike the FCC, members of Congress are elected and they must answer to us. More than 80 percent of Americans support net neutrality, Republicans and Democrats alike.4 We can win this if enough of us demand that our representatives stand up for our rights online.
Tell the House of Representatives: Save net neutrality Click the link below to sign the petition:
-Brandy Doyle, CREDO Action
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