Friday, May 11, 2018

Your senators can hold Pruitt accountable

Big news: President Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt will be back in the hot seat next week on Capitol Hill — this time testifying before the Senate.

Pruitt will face questions from members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, which oversees Pruitt's spending, about his lavish expenses, fossil fuel industry hires, and massive proposed cuts to his own agency's budget.

Call your senators today: Urge them to tell their colleagues on the subcommittee to hold Pruitt’s feet to the fire and make him justify his excessive spending at next week’s hearing. 

And be sure to emphasize that Pruitt is unfit to lead the EPA — and he needs to be fired.

Think about it: What would you want to ask Pruitt? Tell your senator now.

Here are some ideas for questions to get you started:
  1. Since the EPA's mission is to protect our health and our environment, why has Pruitt taken significantly more meetings with fossil fuel industry executives than environmental or public health groups?
  2. Why did Scott Pruitt spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on lavish expenses like first-class flights, a $43,000 phone booth, a security detail during a personal trip to Disneyland, and $120,000 on a two-day trip to Rome that only included four hours of meetings?
  3. Why does Pruitt refuse to address climate change, when the vast majority of scientists agree that it's the biggest environmental threat we've ever faced?
Pruitt's deep ties to the oil and gas industry ... his shameless use of taxpayer money ... his suppression of climate science ... it all means one thing: we — and our planet — simply can't afford Pruitt's incompetent leadership.

This subcommittee hearing is a rare opportunity for your senators to demand real answers from Pruitt and send a clear message to the White House: Pruitt has to go!

Call your senators now and urge them to stand up to Pruitt — for our environment, our climate, and our families' health.

Every day Scott Pruitt remains in office, our planet sustains damage that may never be undone. Let's show the Senate we've had enough.
- Rhea Suh, President, NRDC & NRDC Action Fund

#stopPruitt  #noPruitt 

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