Friday, May 4, 2018

Defeat the anti-organic farm bill

This year's farm bill is the most hostile to organic consumers ever! The House is undermining organic food standards, exempting pesticides from our laws, and promoting genetically engineered food. Tell your representative to OPPOSE the farm bill!​

The House's farm bill is terrible. Here's a quick summary of its lowlights:
  1. Undermines the national organic standard by making it easier to weaken
  2. Creates a new office to promote genetically engineered organisms around the globe
  3. Cuts programs to offset organic certification costs for farmers
  4. Prevents cities and counties from setting their own pesticide restrictions
  5. Exempts pesticides from endangered species and clean water protections.
The farm bill is a direct assault on the booming organic sector! It's likely to come up for a full House vote this month. Please help defeat this awful legislation:

-The SierraRise Team

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Republicans Are Trying to Sneak Through Cuts to Food Assistance on Farm Bill.

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